Mint Release Note 10-05-2024

Welcome to Investwell Release Notes. We are pleased to inform you about the updates to our software done this week.

Read through and stick till the end to know about the exciting changes made by us just for you.

Feature Updates

Updated the list of PMS providers:

Added new options (Nuvama, 360One, CCDC and ACE Lansdowne) to the list of PMS Providers.

Follow the below steps to add third-party API Credentials

Login to Investwell >> Setting >> Integrator Credentials >> Add

Credentials >>


Broker Portal Transaction View XLS report update:

With this new update, in the generated XLS report for transaction views, we have added two additional columns: 'Category' and 'Fund Name'. This enhancement provides more detailed information for better transaction analysis and tracking.

Follow the below steps to download the Transaction View report in XLS format

Login to Investwell >> Transaction View >> View Type(XLS)

Add Nominee PAN while creating or editing IIN:

With the latest update, when editing or creating a new IIN, we are allowing users to add the PAN of the nominee. This change provides a more comprehensive profile setup, ensuring that nominee details, including PAN, are accurately recorded for compliance and identification purposes.

In case the Nominee is a minor the user can add the PAN of the guardian.

Follow the below steps to create an IIN

Login to Investwell >> Invest Online NSE >> Profile list >> Create IIN

Below are the Bugs resolved

Comprehensive portfolio - Improvements in Executive Summary Section:

A user reported a bug in the Comprehensive Portfolio PDF Report generated after including the XIRR net of fees. The generated report had an issue where the data shown in the Executive Summary section for Gain and Fee Amount was displayed according to the selected date range, but the data for XIRR and XIRR net of fees was shown since inception, despite the selected date range. Our development team has identified and rectified the bug associated with this issue. This fix ensures that all data in the Executive Summary section now accurately reflects the selected date range, providing a more accurate and consistent report for users.

Follow the below steps to generate a comprehensive portfolio report

Login to Investwell >> Comprehensive Portfolio >> (Include XIRR net of fees )


PDF of Portfolio Valuation Report Not Generated.

Some users reported a bug where generating a PDF of the Portfolio Valuation would fail when using the advanced filter to select some folios from a larger set of folios. Our development team has identified and rectified the bug associated with this issue, Users can now generate PDF reports for their Portfolio Valuation without any errors.

Follow the below steps to generate the Portfolio Valuation Report.

Login to Investwell >> Investor Dashboard >> Reports >> Portfolio Valuation


Thank You!
For using our product and being part of our valued user community. We greatly appreciate your support and the feedback you have provided, which has been instrumental in shaping our product. 

We value your input and would love to hear your feedback on this latest release. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or experiences to share, please let us know. Your feedback plays a crucial role in shaping our product and ensuring it meets your evolving needs. 

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