April & May 2020 Updates

Hi All,


  • CAS Import improvements - Count of rejection in each CAS is shown on the screen. The CAS Import status are much clearer in depicting the stage of the Import.
  • Portfolio Summary - Excel export option is added. Filters to include or not include folios imported from CAS statement. Filter for Fund, Category of schemes has been added.
  • Transaction View - We have enhanced the way we view transaction in Investwell Mint. Now the menu Transaction View can be use to see Purchase and Sell type transactions in separate tables and for longer periods of time. 
  • Factsheet of all schemes are now available in PDF format.
  • Goal Planner - All assets including Shares, Fixed Deposit, Bonds, Other Assets and Insurance policies can be assigned to your Financial Goals.
  • Invest in NFO - New tab in New investment section is added that lists all NFO which are currently Live.
  • Client finder - Family head search has been added in column filters along with a toggle to view only Family heads and Clients who are individuals (not part of any family).
  • AUM Report - Excel export has been given after drilldown to take specific data into excel.

New Features

  • Risk Profiling - A customized risk Profiling questionnaire can be accessed by the Investor in his login. Advisor has complete control over the questions, options and scoring of each option. You can customize the Risk profile to Score mapping.
  • Billing module - You can create Invoices to Fund houses for Commission received and Raise quotation and Tax Invoiced to your Investors in case of advisory services rendered.
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