Jan - Feb 2020 release notes

AUM Business Report - See the AUM change in a given period due to change in NAV and Net Investment done. View this report RM wise, Fund wise along with a variety of filters that make every report combination possible. 

Mutual Fund Utility Integration - Create MFU eCAN and transact in your client's portfolio of schemes. Invest in New schemes also.

CAS Import - Import mutual fund schemes of your investors that have been done through some other broker code or in Direct mode as well.

SOA Download - Now all Mutual funds Statement of Account can be downloaded in realtime. For Mutual funds serviced by CAMS, you'll need to get login credentials for Fundsnet. SOA can be downloaded from the Folio lookup menu in your Advisor portal. Click on the SOA icon and then click on download SOA button

Gmail sign in for Email Configuration - No need to provide your email password if you have a Gmail account. Choose the second option of "Use my Gmail address" and follow the instructions given on the page to complete the setup.

iOS app updates

  1. Client finder screen speed has been optimized. Now search happens on every character typed.
  2. You can call clients from the client finder.
  3. You can share the Portal invite to clients on whatsapp or any other chat medium from the Client finder screen.
  4. BSE New Purchase and New SIP Registration is now live.

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