August 2020 Updates

Hi All,

Below are the Enhancements to existing Modules and new Features added to your InvestWell Mint. 

New modules

  • Transfer Holdings - You can transfer your investor folios from any other ARN to your own ARN. You can even use it switch from existing Direct schemes to Regular schemes under your ARN.

  • Dividend Report - A new report has been added in the Client login whereby one can see all the dividend reinvested amount and Dividend payout amount for each scheme for a given time period.

  • Scheme Compare - Use this new module to research schemes by back-testing through certain time period with custom NAV date. 

  • Growth Calculator - Use the Growth Calculator to present a proposal to your clients/prospects for new Investments and new SIPs back-tested.


  • Lock, Unlocked units - For ELSS schemes, Solution oriented Retirement schemes and Children gift Schemes.

  • Email Scheduler - We have given an option to exclude zero AUM clients when sending mails in bulk on a recurring basis.

  • Variance in allocation Report - This report now shows all clients Current Asset allocation v/s Target Asset allocation and presents with opportunities to rebalance the Asset allocation for all clients. The Clients whose target allocation has not been entered assumed to have 50-50% allocation by default so that a comparison with their Current allocation can be observed for further analysis.

  • CAS Import Improvements - We have enhanced this import to cover 2 of the most common bottlenecks faced by our Users. Now, Transaction type mismatch is shown upfront in a simple matching screen. Also, if 1 PAN is found in more than 1 client profile, a matching screen is presented for each such folio so that the correct folio to investor profile mapping can be done easily

  • Capital Gain Report - 2 more Sections have been added to the report in PDF format. Period wise breakup of capital gain and Long Term and Short Term capital gain summary has been added at the end of the report.

  • Client profile in Client login - Investors can see and edit their basic information (like, email, mobile no., address) from the top right corner in their own login portal.

  • NSE Integration Add Bank - A new action has been added to each IIN profile, called Add Bank. Using this, you can add a New Bank account to an existing IIN that you had not added during the actual IIN creation process.

  • Brokerage Analysis choose FY - We have added totals for each group by row and option to view Brokerage income in any of the last 3 FY.

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