September 2020 Updates

Hi All,

We have a bunch of exciting new feature announcements that have been released in the past few weeks.

Buy Mutual funds through UPI

Payment collection request through UPI can be initiated for New Purchase and Additional Purchase transactions by you as well as your Investors. Available on mobile app and web browser as well. See Demo Video

Portfolio Comparison report

We have added another tool to help you Increase your Business by demonstrating the performance of you Model portfolio v/s a Prospects current portfolio of Schemes. Use this to present a proposal to HNIs who already have a number of schemes. See Sample Report attached

SWP/STP Calculator

You can choose any scheme and create simulation of STP or SWP using past NAV date. You can even print your client’s name in the PDF report with a beautiful graphical representation of Cashflow and present it as a proposal to start an STP or SWP.See Sample Report attached

Capital Gain Report

IT return filing season is upon us and we have made a number of improvements for this. 

  1. We have split Long Term Equity section into before and after 31/01/2018 Purchase date. This way you can see on which transaction Grandfathering has been applied.  We have clubbed transactions on which Gain has been booked and loss has been booked separately so that you can easily set them off. 
  2. We have adjusted the Purchase NAV of the segregated schemes for which you have now made Redemptions. This is done as per the latest IT laws.
  3. Also, the Excel and PDF export formats have been improved considerably to look more professional.

Inactive Clients list

Spot opportunities and reduce churn in your business by using Inactive Clients report in Business Analytics menu. This report will give you a list of clients who have not transacted in the past 6 months (or any given period) with their current AUM and last Active date

Portfolio Review Alert

The Alert report in Business Analytics now has a view for a list of clients whose Portfolio is coming up for Review. A task for Portfolio review will be added in the Task Manager as well. Portfolio Review frequency and last review date can be entered by you in the Clients menu >> Edit Client profile option.

Portfolio Summary Save Settings

During the last 1 year we have added a lot of configuration options under this Report. You can edit columns, include sold off assets or show only Active assets, choose which asset classes to be included etc. Now, you can save a default report setting that will be opened when you land on the Report page. The same settings will be used by the system while sending on scheduled reports via Email.

Goal Planner

We have made the Retirement Goal as not mandatory. Inflation and Expected return can now be entered for each Goal separately. The Goal Report PDF format has also been more cleaner.

Portfolio Valuation Improvements

We have made some improvements in the Excel format to be more readable and professional to look at. You can now add comments and remarks to your client’s folios. These comments can be then seen in the Portfolio report. See Sample Report attached 

Folio Comments - You can now add comments and remarks to your client’s folios. These comments can be then seen in the Portfolio report.

Email Scheduler - Quarterly frequency option has been added to send recurring reports 

Email scheduler - Transactions Report for custom date has been added.

Client quick search added in Folio Lookup - 

Task manager improvements - Filter tasks by Client name in task manager table. You can now enter task description easily as we have increased the size of description box.

Insurance list improvements - Total row has been added for Premium column. Excel export of insurance policies is now given.


Team InvestWell

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