October & November 2020 Updates

Hi All,

We have released some exciting new features and enhancements to Investwell Mint.

New Features -

Manual Entry for Mutual Funds - From Data Management menu >> Create Transaction. you can simply choose a client and enter a Purchase or Sell transaction in any Mutual fund scheme. This can be used to enter external holdings of a client.

Portfolio Valuation Client wise report - A new format had been added to the PDF report called Client wise. This will give a report similar to Desktop report of Portfolio detailed Summary by Client.

Client Tags - We have added the ability to add Tags to clients. Clients can be searched and filtered on the basis of tags from the Clients menu and also while selecting clients to send mailers from Email scheduler.

Broker Dashboard Quick Client Search - You must have noticed that now on your Advisor Dashboard, you can quickly search for any client and then navigate to their Portfolio report in 1 click.

NSE ENACH Mandate - We have added the ability to create ENACH digital Mandates in our NSE integration. Mandate can be approved by either Net Banking or Debit Card of the Investor. You can create the Mandate from advisor portal, then NSE will send approval link to the IIN holder.

Life insurance renewal date can be auto filled now in MINT. There is a setting in IFA Preferences which needs to be switched ON for renewal date to be filled in automotically

New Equity Contract notes added - Sajag Securities, KIFS Trade Securities, Prabhudas Lildhar Pvt Ltd company contract notes can be imported in PDF format from Shares menu.

Enhancements -

Investwell Default Email templates can be edited now. Any changes made to the default given email templates will be automatically saved as a new Custom email template without having the need to copy the HTML source and create a new template manually. 

MFU Improvements

  1. If your client has existing investments with Karvy, then their existing CANs will be automatically created in Mint.

  2. The CAN Excel list that is available in MFU portal can be imported straightaway into Mint to create CANs

  3. No need to enter Bank details or Mandate details of any CAN as the Payment page of Mint will now redirected all Purchase and SIP orders to MFU payment page where you or your Investor can choose the Payment mode (Net banking, NEFT Or Mandate) and then complete the payment.

Capital Gain Report - Custom time period report can be taken out. TDS section added

Unrealized Capital Gain Report - We have made this report in Excel format and improved the PDF format to show all family members report in one go. We have also added Shares to this report.

Portfolio Screener enhancements - Fund, Category and Sub category are now Multi select filters. Client wise Portfolio screener will club portfolio of a family together to be shown in 1 row instead of member wide

Nifty & Sensex values added to all Portfolio PDF reports.

Portfolio summary excel format improvements - We have a new and improved Excel format for presenting Portfolio Summary report. Choose View Type XLS and then click Apply button to download it. Excel Sample format is attached.

ETFs can be entered - We have added support to enter all listed ETFs from Data Management >> Shares menu.


Team InvestWell

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