July 2020 Updates

Hi All,

Below are the Enhancements to existing Modules and new Features added to your InvestWell Mint. 


  • Capital Gain Report for all Family members - We have redesign the Report builder to make more sense and added the ability to take the Capital Gain report for all the Family members together. The same can be sent on email to the Family head as well.

  • Portfolio Valuation PDF Save Settings - We have added a Save Settings option in Portfolio Valuation report in PDF view type. Report Type, Allocation Sections, Data options and Columns include section will be saved for that Broker. This Save Settings button will only be visible if Admin broker is viewing this page in Client portal. Setting will be saved for all clients of that broker. this saved setting will be used in Email scheduler also

  • Portfolio Valuation Detailed summary format - To reduce the length of the Detailed Portfolio Valuation report, we have given a default option to club all SIPs, STPs and Dividend Reinvestment transactions.

This is how the Output is shown in PDF. Here, you can see that all the lumpsum Purchase and Switch transactions are shown with date while SIPs across dates have been clubbed.

  • MFU Authentication Mail - For Redemption and Switch transactions placed to MFU from Investwell Mint, the system will send a confirmation email to the CAN holder's email id. When the investor clicks on the link and confirms the transaction, only then will the order be sent to MFU.
  • Transaction Reversals Excel export

  • Business Analytics report new columns added - Add Relationship Manager, Sub Broker and Family head columns in all Business Analytics Reports.
  • Sub Broker ARN used in Online Transaction - NSE/BSE/MFU orders will now go through the Sub broker's ARN and EUIN if a Sub Broker has been assigned to the Investor.
  • Include YTM, Modified duration and Average Maturity in Factsheet on screen and PDF for Debt Schemes.
  • ELSS Statements of Transactions - We have added a Scheme Category filter in Investor portal My Transactions. Using this you can download PDF of Transaction Statement after choosing say, Equity ELSS category of schemes only.

New Features

  • Feature Permission - We have released another setting using which Broker can Show/Hide desired menus from Client portal or Broker portal (for any sub user level)

  • Alert Mails - You can now configure automated alerts for Insurance Renewals, Upcoming SIP Instalments, FMP Maturity, Fixed Deposit Maturity. You can configure this from Settings >> Alert Configuration settings menu. You can also use the Alert Reports in the Business Analytics menu to send these alert emails to your clients on an adhoc basis.


Team Investwell

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