Fund Selector - Screen mutual fund schemes based on a wide range of parameters

We have added a new feature under Utilities Menu called Fund Selector. You can use this to view and export to Excel a list of schemes that match your screening criteria and present the best schemes to your clients.

Filter by -

  1. Fund House
  2. Asset Type - Equity, Debt, Hybrid etc.
  3. Category - SEBI Objectives
  4. Performance Date - Trailing returns from 30 days to 5 years
  5. Expense Ratio
  6. Risk Ratio - Standard Deviation, Alpha, Beta etc
  7. Min. Amount
  8. Portfolio Corpus - AUM of scheme
  9. Equity Fund Criteria - P/E ratio and P/B ratio
  10. Debt Fund Criteria - Avg. Maturity, Modified Duration, YTM
  11. Composite RatingĀ 
  12. Efficiency


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