Mint Release Note 26-04-2024

Welcome to Investwell Release Notes. We are pleased to inform you about the updates to our software done this week.

Read through and stick till the end to know about the exciting changes made by us just for you.

Feature Updates

Display of KYC Status in Order Placing Form:

With the latest update, we will now display the KYC status in the order placing form.

This enhancement provides users with immediate visibility into the KYC status while placing orders, ensuring smoother transactions.

Introducing Outside Data Marking for Mutual Funds in Portfolio Reports:

In the latest update, we have introduced an asterisk (*) to differentiate between managed data and outside data sources. The asterisk (*) denotes that the data is sourced externally. either from CAS or Manually entered. This enhancement helps clarify the origin of the data for users.

Follow the below steps to explore the new update

Login to Investwell >> Select Client >> Client Dashboard >> Report >> Portfolio Valuation


Introducing Checkbox for XIRR Net of Fees in Comprehensive Portfolio Report:

With the latest update, we have added a checkbox under the Data option to include XIRR net of fees in the comprehensive portfolio report. This new inclusion will add an option to directly view the XIRR of the client’s entire Portfolio after accounting for all the bills created under the Billing menu for that client for that given time period. 

Follow the below steps to generate the Comprehensive Portfolio report

Login to Investwell >> Comprehensive Portfolio



XIRR net of fees in the generated report 

Improvements in KYC Verification for Previously Invalid Document Submissions:

With the recent update, we have improved the KYC verification process. If a user has completed their KYC verification but the document submitted earlier is now considered invalid, it will be shown as "KYC registered." The user can choose the "Do KYC" option to submit a valid document again. Once the valid document is submitted, the user's KYC will be Validated by the KRA

Now, even if the earlier submitted KYC is ON HOLD with any KRA, the user can resubmit the KYC Application to validate it.

Follow the below steps to check the status of your KYC

Login to Investwell >> Invest Online NSE/BSE/MFU >> Profile List >> Create IIN/UCC/CAN

Creation of Shadow User for Broker Type Users:

With the recent update, we have added the option to add a shadow user for broker-type users.

This new feature "Shadow User" can be used to create a sub-user of a specific type, which can be assigned to the hierarchy level of the same user type. The created shadow user can have access to the same set of clients' details but with restrictions to the access permission given to them accordingly.
The shadow user can be created for the below-mentioned user type

Region, Zone, Ops, RM, Sub Broker, 

Follow the below to create a new shadow user

Login to Investwell >> Setting >>  User Setting >> Create User

Email Scheduler From Sub User Login:

With the new update, we are introducing the Email Scheduler option for RMs and other user levels. This enhancement allows them to send reports and other detailed reports to their specific clients at their preferred times. 

Earlier, RMs and sub-brokers had to ask the Admin user to send bulk emails on their behalf. Now, they can do so themselves.

Note- Editing is only allowed for the self-templates created under the general category 

Follow the below steps to Schedule Email

Login to Investwell >> Email Scheduler >> 

Added Max Period Checkbox in order Pacing form for BSE/NSE

With the recent update, we have introduced a new field called "Max Period" in the order placement form when the transaction type is selected as SIP. This new field is available for both new investments and additional transactions.

Enabling the Max Period in an SIP transaction indicates that you are verifying the maximum duration or length of time over which you agree to invest through that SIP

Radio Button in BSE


Check Box in NSE


Introducing CC to Sub Brokers in Alert Configuration:

With this new update, we have added a checkbox for CC to sub-broker alongside CC to RM.

This update enhances communication options, allowing for seamless communication between brokers and sub-brokers in addition to relationship managers.

Follow the below steps to set up Auto Alert

Login to Investwell >> Setting >> Alert Configuration 


Introduced Cashflow section in the Portfolio Snapshot:

With the latest update, we have added a Cashflow section to the bottom of the Portfolio Snapshot report. This section displays all cash flows associated with the assets, contributing to the XIRR value shown in the report. This enhancement provides comprehensive insights into the investment performance and cash flow dynamics within the portfolio.

Follow the below steps to generate a Portfolio Snapshot

Login to Investwell >> Investor Dashboard >> Report >> Portfolio Snapshot


New Investment folio number suggestion(NSE/BSE/MFU):

With this new update, when making new investments, users will receive suggestions for both 

active and non-active folios in the folio number dropdown section. This enhancement provides users with more options and flexibility during the investment process.

Follow the below steps to start a new Investment

Login to Investwell >> Client Dashboard >> Invest Online NSE/BSE/MFU >> New Investment

Below are the Bugs resolved

Show 60 Holding in Scheme Factsheet PDF:

In the latest update, we have made improvements to the Scheme Factsheet PDF. Previously, the number of holdings displayed was limited to 20, but now it has been increased to show up to 60 holdings. This enhancement provides investors with a more comprehensive view of the fund's holdings.

Create UCC Error When Adding Nominee:

A user reported a bug where an error occurred while creating a UCC. The error message displayed "Please fill all the fields" when clicking the "add button" after filling in all required details to add a nominee. Our development team has rectified this issue, and now users will no longer encounter this error when creating a UCC.

Follow the below steps to create UCC

Login to Investwell >> Invest Online BSE >> Profile List >> Create UCC


BSE Mandate Form - Client Name Missing Below The Signature:

A user reported a bug in the BSE Mandate form where the name of the client/holder was missing below the signature. Our development team has identified and resolved this issue.

This fix ensures that the BSE Mandate form now displays the holder’s name correctly below the signature, providing clarity and completeness to the document.

 User Business Code value Disappearing in Excel Upload:

A user reported a bug where the User business code value was not appearing in the system despite being present in the uploaded Excel file for bulk user creation. Our development team has rectified this issue.

Follow the below steps to create the user in bulk

Login to Investwell >> Setting >> User Setting >>  Upload Excel File

Note- Download the sample Excel file, fill in the details and upload the same file


Duplicate Data Showing in UCC Communication Mismatch:

A user reported an issue where selecting the "UCC Communication Mismatch" option in the compliance report resulted in duplicate data being displayed. Our development team has rectified this bug to ensure accurate data is being displayed.

Follow the below steps to download or view the compliance report

Login to Investwell >> Data Management >> Compliance Report


Formula Labelled Correction in Comprehensive Portfolio Report:

With the recent update, we have relabeled the formulas for "Net Addition" and "Net Gain" in the Investment Snapshot section of the Comprehensive Portfolio Report. This change aims to reduce miscommunication and enhance clarity in the PDF report generated.

Follow the below steps to download the Comprehensive Portfolio Report

Thank You!
For using our product and being part of our valued user community. We greatly appreciate your support and the feedback you have provided, which has been instrumental in shaping our product. 

We value your input and would love to hear your feedback on this latest release. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or experiences to share, please let us know. Your feedback plays a crucial role in shaping our product and ensuring it meets your evolving needs.

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