Mint Release Note 01-03-2024

Welcome to Investwell Release Notes. We are pleased to inform you about the updates to our software done this week.

Read through and stick till the end to know about the exciting changes made by us just for you.

Feature Updates

Improvements in the Customize Columns functionality in Client Finder:

Introducing customization and reordering of columns using the “Customize Column” dropdown in the Clients menu. With this update, the user will be able to change the order of the columns as per their requirements. The user can rearrange via drag and drop.

Follow the below steps to reorganize the columns

Login to Investwell >> Clients >> Customize Column >> Drag and Drop


Introducing Aadhar-Based Mandate Authentication Method for NACH- NSE- Create Mandate:

In alignment with the recent updates from NSE, which now include Aadhar Card Authentication in NACH mandates. We have introduced the “Aadhar Card” while selecting the approval type while creating the Mandate and selecting the type as NACH.

Follow the below steps to Submit a Mandate

Login to Investwell >> Invest Online NSE >> Profile List >> Action >> Submit Mandate


Default ARN While Creating CAN

We re­cently updated our systems so that whe­never you define­ your standard ARN in the ARN settings, it will be the­ default selection while­ creating the CAN.

This will be applicable only if you use MFU as an exchange to transact.

Follow the steps below to set your “Default ARN” for MFU

Login to Investwell >> Setting >> ARN Setting > Actions(Edit)


Addition of Folio Details in Portfolio Valuation PDF:

In our latest update, we've included a new section for folio details in the PDF file download for the portfolio valuation report. We have added a new Checkbox “Folio Details” The user has to tick the checkbox if they want to see the folio details in the downloaded PDF file. Currently, this is available only for Group By 2 and 5 of the Portfolio valuation PDF.

Follow the below steps to download the Portfolio Valuation Report PDF file

Login to Investwell >> Investor Dashboard >> Reports >> Portfolio Valuation 


Broker Portal Transactions View Limited to 3-Month Date Range:

In this update, we've implemented a maximum date range of 3 months for the Transactions view in the Broker Portal. This means that the difference between the From date and To date should not exceed 3 months, both on screen and in Excel exports. This enhancement ensures more efficient and focused transaction tracking for brokers

Follow the below steps to go to Transaction View

Login toInvestwell >> Transactio View

Updated Folio Details Screen

In this latest update, users will now find the client demat ID displayed in the folio details screen specifically for demat folio types. If the client's DP ID and Demat ID are not applicable (Physical Folios), the respective ID labels will not be shown. Additionally, the client demat ID will also be visible in the Excel file downloaded for more convenience.

Follow the below steps to check the folio details

Login to Investwell >> Folio Lookup >> 


'Active Assets Only' Filter in Portfolio Summary Reports

This filter enables users to download reports containing only currently active assets, streamlining their experience. This filter was already available in other view types of Portfolio summary but missing in Unformatted Excel

Follow the below steps to download the portfolio summary reports

Login to Investwell >> Investor Dashboard >> Reports >> Portfolio Summary 


Updated the PMS Providers List With a New Option ‘Others:’

Introducing a new enhancement: We've addressed the challenge of limited PMS provider options by introducing a 'Others' option in the dropdown list within the 'Other Assets' tab of the Create transaction menu. This update ensures a smoother updating process for users.

Follow the below steps to add a transaction

Login to Investwell >> Data Management >> Create Transaction >> Other Assets >> Create Asset

Including  2-Year and 7-Year Trailing Returns in Top Schemes:

With our latest update, we have added 2 new columns, users can now view returns for 2 and 7 years respectively in the following sections:

Note:- All the changes made will be visible in Onscreen, Excel & PDF as options mentioned

  • Returns for 2 years and 7 years in Top Schemes within the broker portal

  • 7-year returns in the Factsheet of both the Broker and Client Portals

  • Display of 7-year returns in the Fund Screener within the broker portal.

Top Schemes Broker Portal

Login to Investwell >> Utilities >> Top Schemes


Factsheet: Broker and Client Portal

Login to Investwell >> Top Schemes/Funds Pick >> Click specific scheme to open factsheet


Funds Screener in Broker Portal

Login to Investwell >> Utilities >> Funds Screener


My Folios- Showing Folios which has Considerable Unit Balance:

With this update, we have modified the My Folio section and the change will be reflected in both the client and broker portals. Now, only active folios with a unit balance above 0.001 will be displayed. This change ensures that only folios with a considerable unit balance are listed in the My Folio section.

Follow the below steps to view the list of your Active Folios
Login to Investwell (Broker) >> Folio Lookup >> Fill Investors details

Login to Investwell (Investors) >> My Folios



Below are the Bugs resolved

Reversal Transaction Imported Incorrected from CAS PDF:

A user reported an issue where the reversed transactions were mapped wrong in the case of the CAS file import through PDF. We have rectified the bug associated with it. Ensuring smooth and accurate importing process.

Follow the below steps to import CAS

Login to Investwell >> Data Management >> CAS Import


Fixed Issue of FD Allotment Date Changing When Exported as EXCEL:

We've resolved a bug where the FD Allotment Date was getting changed when exporting the valuation report to Excel. While the on-screen valuation report displayed the correct allotment date, the exported Excel version showed the wrong value. This issue has now been fixed.

Follow the below steps to download the Excel Report

Login to Investwell >> Investor Dashboard >> Transactions >> Fixed Deposit Tab >> Download Excel


Enabling NRI Investors to Input Foreign Numbers while creating IIN:

We've updated the IIN profile registration process in Mint for NRIs to allow the entry of foreign numbers. Previously, this feature was restricted, unlike in the NSE portal where it was permitted. With this change, NRI clients can now input their foreign numbers during registration

Follow the below steps to create or edit IIN:

Login to Investwell >> Broker Dashboard >> Investwell Online NSE >>  Profile List >> Create IIN


Login to Investwell >> Investor Dashboard >> Investwell Online NSE >> Manage Profile >> Create IIN


Category-Wise Funds Sorting Issue in Mobile-App

A user reported a bug in the mobile app while sorting the investment funds by category, where some funds appeared multiple times with different values. We've fixed this issue by consolidating the same category funds with different values, ensuring accurate display and consistency in the app

Follow the below steps to use this feature

Login to Investwell Mobile App >> Investor Dashboard >> Category


Incorrect Details Showing in Account Opening Form

A user reported a bug in the Account Opening Form generated through Mint. The country of tax residence for the holders did not match the details submitted during the FATCA verification. Our team identified incorrect mappings as the cause and has rectified the issue

Differences in Long-Term and Short-Term Units, Reports vs Order Page 

A user reported a bug in which there was a difference in the short-term and long-term values when comparing between the Unrealized capital report because of the way holding days were calculated when NAV is not declared on holidays. This has been fixed now in the order placing form.

Follow the below steps to place an additional transaction

Login to Investwell >> Invest Online NSE >> Additional Transaction 


Go to Dashboard Error in the STP Calculator:

We received a bug report regarding the STP calculator. Users encountered an error message prompting them to "Go to dashboard" when selecting the "To scheme" option without first choosing the "From scheme." Our development team has successfully resolved this issue.

Follow the below steps to use the STP Calculator.
Login to Investwell >> Utilities >> Calculators >> STP Calculators


Bug Fix: Difficulty Mapping the FD to a Specific Goal:

A user reported a bug in the goal planner feature, noting the difficulty in mapping the investment to a specific goal. Our development team has promptly resolved the issue, allowing seamless mapping of the investment to the desired goal.

Follow the below steps and map investments to your goal

Login to Investwell >> Utilities >> Goal Planner >> Select Client >> Mapp Assets


Rectified Incorrect Functionality of "Pay First Instalment Now" and SIP Order Placement

A user reported a bug where the system failed to function correctly: despite checking the "Pay First Instalment Now" option, it did not operate as intended. Specifically while placing an order through a “NEW FOLIO”. Additionally, in certain instances, the SIP order failed to be placed altogether due to this specific issue. Our development team has promptly rectified this bug to ensure a smoother process moving forward.

Follow the below steps to place a SIP order

Login to Investwell >> Investwell Online NSE >> New Investment

Thank You!
For using our product and being part of our valued user community. We greatly appreciate your support and the feedback you have provided, which has been instrumental in shaping our product. 

We value your input and would love to hear your feedback on this latest release. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or experiences to share, please let us know. Your feedback plays a crucial role in shaping our product and ensuring it meets your evolving needs.

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