Mint Release Note 09-02-2024

Welcome to Investwell Release Notes. We are pleased to inform you about the updates to our software done this week.

Read through and stick till the end to know about the exciting changes made by us just for you.

Feature Updates

Comprehensive Portfolio, Added Radio Buttons for Scheme or Broad Benchmark

We're excited to share new changes to our Comprehensive Portfolio section. We have added new radio button options under the data settings. Allowing users to choose between 'No Benchmark,' 'Scheme Benchmark,' and 'Broad Benchmark. This upgrade lets you tailor your reports to your choice of benchmark. If no selection is made the default option is set to 'No Benchmark'

To download your Comprehensive Portfolio report

Login to Investwell >> Comprehensive Portfolio >> Choose Section & Product >> 


New Investments - Folio Number Suggestions Will Only Show Active Folios:

With this latest update, when you go to invest in a new scheme of an AMC in which an investor already has a folio, we will now select the folio with an active balance by default. Previously, the system used to select any folio at random. This led to the old inactive folio getting selected by default. Now, users have the option to select from the active folio list or create transactions with a new folio. Previously, inactive folios were also displayed. 

To view the update
Login to Investwell >> Investwell Online NSE >> New Investment


New Contract Notes

In response to user requests, we have enhanced the contract notes feature with the addition of six new options


  • ShreeKanhaStock

  • ITI Securities

  • AmitJasani

  • Nirmal Bang

  • Groww

Follow the below steps to upload contract notes

Login to Investwell >> Data Management >>  Create Transaction >> Share& Bond >> Upload Contract Notes


New PMS Provider Integrations:

As per the request from the user we have updated the PMS providers list with 6 new provider options.

Follow the below steps to Add 3rd Party PMS API Credentials

Login to Investwell >> Setting >> Integrator Credentials >> Add Credentials >> Select PMS >> Select Provider


Enhanced Functionality for NSE Investments and SIP Setup:

In alignment with recent updates from the NSE, we have implemented corresponding changes in our portal for investments through the NSE. We have now allowed our users to untick the 'Pay First Installment Now' checkbox when setting up a SIP through a new folio. This functionality change allows the user to start the SIP payment according to their convenience.

Follow the below steps to make a new Investment

Login to Investwell >> Invest Online NSE >> New Investment >> 


Below are the Bugs resolved

AUM Over Filter not Working in Variance Report:


The AUM Over filter available in this report was being applied before the Asset Class and Group By option was chosen. Now, we have rectified the issue and applied the AUM over filter after Filtering the data on Asset Class and Group By chosen.

Follow the below steps to View your Variance in Allocation report

Login to Investwell >> Business Analysis >> Variance in Allocation


Number formatting corrected in Funds Screener Excel Report:

Our users encountered a bug in the Excel file downloaded via the Funds Screener. In the Excel file downloaded users were not able to perform Sorting. It was because of the way the columns were formatted. Instead of numbers, they were text. Our development team has changed the format from text to number resulting in a convenient sorting.

Follow the below steps to download the Funds Screener Report.
Login to Investwell >> Utilities >> Fund Screener >> Add funds >> View/Download Excel report


Difference in AUM Between Dashboard and AUM Report:

A user reported a mismatch in the AUM (Assets Under Management) values between the Dashboard and the AUM report. We identified that the issue occurred from the import of future transaction date details. The RTAs allot units for NFO schemes with future NAV dates. To solve this mismatch issue we have stopped the import of data containing future transaction details. This action ensures that AUM values remain consistent across both the Dashboard and the AUM report.

Filter Issue in Capital Gain Realized - Share Bond Asset Type:

One of our users encountered a bug in the Capital Gain Realized reports while selecting 'Share & Bond' as the asset type. Despite selecting a specific investor, the filter failed to function properly and showed results for the entire family instead. We are pleased to announce that our team has resolved this issue.

Follow the below steps to view your Capital Gain Realizedd Report
Login to Investwell >> Investor Dashboard >> Report >> Capital Gain Realized


CAS File Data Not Uploaded Properly:

A user found a problem where CAS file data wasn't uploading correctly. This happened because the system wasn't recognising reversed transactions in a specific scenario. Our team fixed the way the system works, and now it's all sorted out.

Follow the below steps to Import CAS 

Login to Investwell >> Data Management >> CAS Import


Correction of FIFO in Portfolio Valuation and Unrealized Gain Report

In the previous implementation, the FIFO logic was not correctly applied for shares in the case of intraday transactions. However, this was working correctly in the Capital gain realized report for intraday share transactions

To resolve this issue, we have enhanced the FIFO calculation logic in the Portfolio Valuation and Capital Gain Unrealized sections. Now, the system ensures that intraday trades are considered accurately in the FIFO sequence, providing a more precise valuation of portfolios and unrealized gains.

Demerger of Shares - Issues

Our user reported a bug that relates to the demerger process not executing correctly under certain conditions. If the original scrip has been sold before demerger date then new scrip historical transactions were still being created. Also, if the original scrip had bonus issued then the same bonus was not being created in the new scrip which caused a mismatch in balance quantity in new scrip Our development team has rectified these 2 bugs associated with the demerger of shares. 

Thank You!
For using our product and being part of our valued user community. We greatly appreciate your support and the feedback you have provided, which has been instrumental in shaping our product. 

We value your input and would love to hear your feedback on this latest release. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or experiences to share, please let us know. Your feedback plays a crucial role in shaping our product and ensuring it meets your evolving needs. 

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