Mint Release Note Date 27-01-2024

Welcome to Investwell Release Notes. We are pleased to inform you about the updates to our software done this week.

Read through and stick till the end to know about the exciting changes made by us just for you.

Feature Updates

Portfolio Rebalancing Reports: Customized Data and Precise Value 

In our latest system update, investors can now enjoy a more customized experience when downloading portfolio rebalancing reports. The PDF report reflects data based on the investor's selected filters, providing a customized view.

Follow the below steps to download Portfolio Rebalancing Reports

Login to Investwell >> Investor Dashboard >> Reports >> Portfolio Rebalancing Reports >> Select Filters >> Download PDF


User Interface Improvement: Transaction History in Mobile Web View

Introducing an updated transaction menu in the Investors' Portal while using mobile web view, featuring an improved interface with a filter icon for more convenience. The family head can explore the transaction history for the entire family, while individual member can view their specific transaction record.

Follow the steps below to view your transaction history
Login to Investwell >> Investor Dashboard >> Transaction


Slogan Customization below Logo:

We've introduced a new feature allowing you to add a slogan which will be shown below the Logo The slogan field accommodates up to 40 characters, providing flexibility for advisors to personalize their brand.

Additionally, we have increased the size limits for Disclaimer shown in PDF reports

Follow the below steps to add your slogan
Login to Investwell >> Setting >> Portal Setting >> IFA Registration


Allow/Disallow Redemption Client Wise:

With our latest update, advisors can now disable the redemption type for any individual investor directly from the Clients tab. This update removes the redemption option from the transaction type drop-down list in the investor's login portal in the additional transaction menu.

Note, If redemption is disabled in the transaction permission tab, investors won't see the redemption option, even if it's not disabled in the Clients tab. 

Follow the steps below to explore the new feature.

Login to Investwell >> Clients >> Select Investors >> Select Disable Redemption from the action dropdown list >> Apply

In order to reverse the disablement, 

Select Investors >> Select Enable Redemption from the action dropdown list >> Apply


Improvements to the  MF Transactions View

We’re excited to announce that we have added new columns in the Excel file downloaded via the Transaction View Tab. We have shown ARN for each transaction in the table on screen. Now alongside the Equity code column, the user will find a new column featuring the names of the family heads enhancing more clarity. Additionally, we have added a column to show the source of the transaction, especially made via NSE and BSE.

Follow the steps below to download the Excel file:
Login to Investwell >> Transaction View >> Select Filters >> Select View Type (XLS) >> Apply


Column Addition in Excel Report for Income Details

We’ve added an Original brokerage-type column. This is available under 'Group by Transaction.' Users can find the column beside the Brokerage Type column. This addition offers users a more comprehensive view of transaction and income details that came via brokers.

Follow the below steps to explore and download the XLS file

Login to Investwell >> Brokerage >> Income Details >> Group by Transaction >> View Type (XLS) >> Apply


BSE Mandate List - add Approval Date in All and Active Mandates:

With our latest update, we've improved the mandate view by displaying the approved date adjacent to the status column. Additionally, for improved navigation, we've frozen the column containing names, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Follow the below steps to view the Approved date of the Mandate
Login to Investwell >>Invest Online BSE >> Mandate List

Below are the Bugs resolved

Aadhaar PAN compliance Issue:

We had recently changed our source of information for the Aadhaar PAN link report.

After making these changes it was noticed that the data considered by the system was incorrect due to which the report was showing wrong details to our user.

This issue has been resolved now and the report is now providing with correct information.

Below are the steps to generate the report:

Login to Investwell >> Data Management>> Compliance report.


Quartile Ranking Missing in Model Portfolio Analysis Report

Some users reported a bug where the grade in the quartile ranking column was missing in a few instances in the Model Portfolio Analysis report, Our development team has promptly rectified the bug to ensure accurate data is showing.

Follow the below steps to View your Model Portfolio Report

Login to Investwell >> Utilities >> Model Portfolio >> Select Model 


Difference in Current Value of Variance Report and Valuation Report:

While generating the Variance report, It was found that the Family head wise filter was not taking correct AUM figures for a few clients. Moreover, the AUM over filter was also not able to give correct figures leading to misinformation while generating the report.

Also if a scheme had Global Equity Percentage it not being considered while calculating the AUM figures.

This issue has been resolved now and correct data is been displayed in the report.

Follow the below steps to view your Variance in Allocation report.

Login to Investwell >> Business Analytics >> Variance In Allocation


No Data Shown in Client Acquisition Report:

Some users reported an issue with the back office login, Upon trying to access the client acquisition report and choose a particular date range no data was shown within the desired range selected. We have resolved this issue, users can now obtain timely and accurate information.

Follow the below steps to view your Client Acquisition Report

Login to Investwell(Back Office) >> Business Analytics >> Client Acquisition Reports


Thank You!
For using our product and being part of our valued user community. We greatly appreciate your support and the feedback you have provided, which has been instrumental in shaping our product. 

We value your input and would love to hear your feedback on this latest release. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or experiences to share, please let us know. Your feedback plays a crucial role in shaping our product and ensuring it meets your evolving needs. 

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