Mobile App Release Notes 9-11-2023

Mobile App Release Notes

  1. Resolved Device Compatibility Issue:-

Some users were facing an error in installing the app on Android "This App is not compatible with your device" message was coming. We're pleased to announce that this issue has been resolved. Now, all users can seamlessly install and enjoy our mobile application without any compatibility concerns.

*Note:- Issue reported with Android 13 (Devices for which microphone latency does not exist)


  1. Fixed 1-day change issue in the portfolio:-

Users reported an issue with the portfolio display, stating that the 1-day change was still visible even when the "No" flag was selected in the Portal Settings >> IFA Registration tab. We've swiftly addressed this concern, ensuring that the portfolio now accurately reflects users' preferences, providing a seamless and personalised experience in this mobile app update. 


  1. New Shares and Bond Screens

Explore our enhanced Shares and Bond screens! Now, not only can users view detailed information about the family head, but with the new drill-down feature, they can seamlessly navigate to individual and scheme-wise details by tapping on the family head name tab. This improvement ensures a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience, offering a deeper insight into investment portfolios. To view:- Tap the name of the family member. Tap shares or bonds listed under the name to see more details



  1. Invite Friend in Client Login 

Introducing the "Invite Friend" feature in Client Login! Now, users can invite friends to join from the mobile app. The user who is inviting will be assigned as Referred by in the new user profile. This is available to the users who have subscribed for our Onboarding module. Kindly contact our Sales team to know more about this.  This enhancement extends social connections within the app, fostering a more collaborative and engaging experience for users to share the benefits of the platform with their network. To view- Menu> Setting> Invite Friend

  1. Improved Fixed Deposit & Other Assets Tabs

User experience has been improved with the revamped FD and new asset tabs. The enhanced user interface provides a more intuitive and visually appealing design, making it easier for users to navigate and retrieve crucial information in these sections.


  1.  Improved Top Scheme selection

Scheme Category filter has been moved out of the filter funnel and put on top of the page as it was a very common filter applied by our users., making it easier for them to navigate and explore seamlessly within the mobile app. To View:- Client Home Screen> Invest in Top Performers> Select Category 



  1. Improved My Journey So Far

We've added the Investment Snapshot since inception below the  'My Journey So Far' graph This will also show the total return since inception (Realized + Unrealized) To View:- Client Home Screen> My Journey So Far


  1. Fixed Factsheet Sorting Issue

Sorting on holdings section was not working properly. We have fixed the same now To View:- Home Screen> Invest in Top Performers> Select Scheme> Factsheet 


  1. Removed “Until Cancelled Option” in Mandate creation & SIP

As per NPCI's latest norms Until cancelled SIPs cannot be registered anymore. We've replaced the "Until Cancelled" button with a "Enter End Date" option. Users can now conveniently specify an end date for their SIP investments, giving them more flexibility and control over the duration of their systematic investment plan.


*NOTE* - If you find that your App update is pending, please reach out to us at We're here to assist you promptly ensuring a seamless experience

Thank You!

For using our product and being part of our valued user community. We greatly appreciate your support and the feedback you have provided, which has been instrumental in shaping our product. We value your input and would love to hear your feedback on this latest release. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or experiences to share, please let us know. Your feedback plays a crucial role in shaping our product and ensuring it meets your evolving needs.

Investwell Team

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