Mint Release Note Date 11/11/2023

Welcome to Investwell Release Notes. We are pleased to inform you about the updates to our software done this week.

Read through and stick till the end to know about the exciting changes made by us just for you.

Below are the Feature Update:

Portfolio Valuation Column Resizing:

We've rolled out a user-friendly update to enhance the Portfolio Valuation experience, specifically addressing the pesky horizontal scroll.

We've optimized the column widths in Portfolio Valuation to ensure they automatically adjust, eliminating the need for that annoying horizontal scroll. Now, users can breeze through their portfolios without the hassle.

Feel free to explore the updated Portfolio Valuation and let us know if you encounter any further concerns or have additional feedback.

Login to Investwell >> Go to Client Dashboard >> Reports >> Portfolio Valuation


Invest Online BSESection in Broker Portal:

We've spiced up the Invest Online BSEsection in the Broker Portal to provide users with a more intuitive and engaging experience. Here's the scoop:

  1. Menu Name Change: The Cease SIP menu under the Invest Online NSE section is now reborn as the "Systematic Orders" menu.

  2. Active SIP List View: In the Active SIP list view, we've bid adieu to "Cease SIP" and welcomed "Modify SIP" as the new button name.

  3. Enhanced User Interaction: We've introduced a spiffy pop-up! When users dive into the “Modify SIP” Button, they'll be greeted with options to choose between Top Up, Pause, and Cease SIP. It's a user-friendly way to have the controls in your hands.

Feel free to explore these enhancements

Login to Investwell >> Invest Online NSE >> Systematic Orders


Scheme Riskometer Now on Factsheet PDF:

We've added a splash of clarity to the Top Schemes & Model Portfolio factsheets. Now, users can find the Scheme Riskometer right there in the PDF proudly displayed, providing a quick snapshot of the scheme's risk profile.

Feel free to check out the updated factsheets and let us know if they align with your expectations. 


  1. Pathway to Top Schemes:

Login to Investwell >> Utilities >> Top Schemes >> Click on Scheme Name to generate the Factsheet


  1. Pathway to Model Portfolio:

Login to Investwell >> Utilities >> Model Portfolio >> Select Model >> Portfolio Analysis


Business Analytics Upgrade: Change of Broker:

Get ready for some Business Analytics magic! We've spruced up the Change of Broker section with these exciting fixes:

  1. Transfer Date Filter Update: The Transfer Date filter now dances to the rhythm of the Process Date, not the transaction date.

  2. Column Renaming Extravaganza: 'Transfer In Date' is now reborn as 'Transaction Date.'

  3. New Kids on the Column Block: Introducing the 'Transfer In/Transfer Out Date' column, making its grand entrance at the 1st column to your left. The Process Date values will be displayed here.

Feel free to explore these updates by following the pathway mentioned.

Login to Investwell >> Business Analytics >> Change of Broker


Introducing Credit Note Creation:

We're spicing things up in the AMC Billing menu, and we're thrilled to unveil a brand new feature: the ability to create Credit Notes alongside Bills seamlessly. Here's the lowdown:

  1. Choose Your Adventure: When you navigate to the Create AMC Bill page, you'll now find a snazzy radio button at the top. This nifty button lets you decide whether you want to create a Bill or a Credit Note.

  2. Dynamic Field Names: As you toggle between creating Bills and Credit Notes, watch the field names do a little dance! They'll dynamically change to align with your choice, making the process crystal clear.

Feel free to explore this new functionality and let us know if it adds a dash of excitement to your billing adventures.

Login to Investwell >> Billings >> Create AMC Bill


Automatic Fetching of Profile Photos from Google Sign-In:

We're taking user profiles to the next level. Now, if a user signs in via Google Sign In and if their profile photo is MIA, we’ll perform a seamless fetch using the Google API. This will ensure a complete and visually appealing profile.

Introducing getClient in Aggregator Route with Limits:

Hold on to your hats because we've supercharged our API game! Introducing the enhanced getClients API in the aggregator route, now with some nifty limits and a dash of pagination magic. Here's the scoop:

  1. Filtering Limitations:

  • Created Date

  • Updated Date

  • Name (Minimum 3 characters)

  • PAN

  • Email

  • Mobile

  • Address

  • Username

  • Equity Code 1

  • File Number

  1. Response Delight: The response will shower you with all the fields available in the Clients menu Excel export. Talk about a comprehensive view!

  2. Pagination Prowess: We've added support for pagination, keeping things neat and manageable. The page size is set to a max of 100 for a seamless experience.

Feel free to harness the power of this API

Capital Gain Realized and Unrealized on Aggregator Route:

Get ready for a data feast! We've expanded our Aggregator route to dish out both realized and unrealized capital gains, and here's how you can feast on it:

  1. Request Parameters:

  • FY (Financial Year)

  • PAN

  • Name

  1. Data Precision: We understand the importance of data privacy and precision. When you request data for a specific PAN, we ensure it's tailored to that PAN. If the PAN belongs to a family head, you'll exclusively receive data for the family head.

Feel free to test-drive these enhancements

Portfolio Valuation Report Upgrade:

We've sprinkled a bit of stardust on the Portfolio Valuation Report PDF. Investment Snapshot Section: Now featuring the "Initial Date of Purchase." This little gem provides a glimpse into the portfolio's journey from day one.

Feel free to explore the revamped Portfolio Valuation Report

Login to Investwell >> Go to Client Dashboard >> Report >> Portfolio Valuation >> PDF >> Apply.


Business Analytics Upgrade:

We've spiced up the SIP Mining Report in the Business Analytics section. We have introduced a slick new radio button for "Potential Clients." Now, effortlessly switch to this mode to access a list of clients not currently part of the active SIP/STP/SWP list.

Feel free to explore this new mode.

Login to Investwell >> Business Ana;ytics >> SIP Mining Report >> Potential Client >> Apply


Below are the Bugs resolved:

Disabling Brokerage Features in Back Office:

Users were encountering difficulties while attempting to disable brokerage features in the back office role. We've addressed the issue, and users should now be able to seamlessly disable brokerage features without any hindrance.

Feel free to access the back office user access and make the necessary adjustments.

Login to Invetswell >> Settings >> User Settings >> Access Permissions >> Back Office Default Role >> Make changes >> Save.


Complete Display of Schemes in Fund Screener:

Previously, users were experiencing an issue where not all schemes were visible when applying filters with a min-max range in the Fund Screener. We've implemented a solution to ensure that all schemes are now correctly displayed when utilizing filters with a min-max range in the Fund Screener. 

Feel free to explore the Fund Screener with the applied filters, and if you encounter any further concerns or have additional feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Login to Investwell >> Utilities >> Funds Screener 


MFU Order Confirmation Email Format for Redemption:

We'd like to bring to your attention a correction we've implemented regarding the MFU Order Confirmation Email for Redemption. Users were receiving confirmation emails with a purchase format, even when the transaction was a sale.

We've rectified this discrepancy, and now users will receive confirmation emails with the appropriate sale format for redemption orders.

'IP Address is Invalid' Error for RM Sign-in on Mobile App:

Previously, users were encountering difficulties signing in as RM on the mobile app, triggered by the 'IP Address is Invalid' error. This was particularly problematic when attempting to log in after entering an IP in user settings.

We've successfully addressed the issue causing the error. Users should no longer encounter this error when attempting to sign in as RM on the mobile app. The system has been adjusted to ensure a smoother and more seamless experience.

Update the IP address of RM at your end and feel free to test the sign-in process.

Login to Investwell >> Settings >> User settings >> Action >> Edit user >> Update the IP Address>> Save.



When navigating to the 'Invest Online BSE' section and attempting to place an additional investment, the order modification was not functioning as expected. Instead of placing the order in the modified scheme, it continued to be executed in the existing scheme.

The issue related to order placement for the Client Portal has been successfully resolved by our team.

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