Mint Release Note Date 30/10/2023

Welcome to Investwell Release Notes. We are pleased to inform you about the updates to our software done this week.

Read through and stick till the end to know about the exciting changes made by us just for you.

Below are the Feature Update:

Portfolio Valuation and Summary Order Redirection after placing the Order:

Exciting news! We've made a tweak to enhance the user experience in the Portfolio Valuation and Summary. Previously, after placing an order in the Portfolio Valuation and Summary, users were redirected to the My Orders menu to view the status of the order placed. Because of this users lost out on all the filters set while viewing the Portfolio report and had to come back and select all of them again. We've listened to feedback and decided to keep things smooth and simple. From now on, users will remain on the Portfolio page post-order placement.

Login to Investwell >> Go to Client Dashboard >> Report >> Portfolio Valuation >> Onscreen >> Apply



Google sign in - Open google url on screen instead of pop up:

In our Google Sign-In process, we've made a tweak for a smoother user experience. Instead of using a pop-up, users will now be directed to the Google URL directly on the screen, providing users with a more straightforward and user-friendly experience. This will help those with pop up blockers use Google sign in easily.

Growth calculator:

We've spruced up our Growth Calculator with some user-friendly changes:

  1. Invested Amount Column:

  • On Screen: The Invested Amount column will now precede the Current Value column.

  • In PDF: Invested Amount in the PDF will be rounded up to 2 decimals, offering a more refined presentation.

  1. Total Column Addition:We've added a Total column right below the headers on the screen for quick and easy reference.

  2. PDF Cleanup: Monthly Invested Amount / Total Invested Amount has bid farewell from the top left in PDF. A new Total column has found its home at the bottom of the table in the PDF.

Feel free to explore the feature and provide any feedback or thoughts you might have.

Login to Investwell >> Utilities >> Scheme Compare >> Add Schemes >> Growth Calculator



Compliance Report Refresh Data Optimization:

To streamline our data refresh process, we're making some targeted enhancements for CAMS R9, R9C, and Karvy Folio Master.

  1. Ordering Data Smartly: We'll focus on ordering data for folios available in the compliance report, ensuring a more targeted and efficient data refresh. When a data refresh request is initiated, we'll compile a unique list of folios for each RTA from these compliance reports.

  2. Aadhaar Link and Nominee Checks:We'll conduct checks for Aadhaar links and the presence of nominees, ensuring a more comprehensive overview.

Feel free to test this out when placing data refresh requests.

Login to Investwell >> Data Management >> Compliance Report >> Refresh Data from RTA


Username for client created by UCC/IIN/CAN:

We've updated the logic for generating usernames in the UCC/IIN/CAN Creation Flow on both the Broker Portal and Onboarding Flow.

  1. Unique Email ID: If the email ID provided is unique, the username will be set as the email ID. Streamlining the login experience!

  2. Non-Unique Email ID: If the email ID is not unique, we'll construct the username using the first name followed by 3 random digits. Adding a touch of personalization!

Scheme Factsheet aggregator API changes:

We've made some enhancements to our Scheme Factsheet Aggregator API, introducing additional data fields to provide you with more comprehensive information. Here's what's new:

  1. Holdings and Sectors: Now includes detailed data on all holdings and sectors associated with each scheme.

  2. Min. Purchase Amount: Easily access the minimum purchase amount required for each scheme.

  3. Min SIP Amount: Get insights into the minimum SIP amount applicable to each scheme.

  4. Tax Saving Indicator: A new field indicating whether the scheme qualifies for tax savings (Y/N).

  5. Scheme Type: Identify the type of scheme (Equity/Debt) for a clearer understanding.

Feel free to contact us if you wish to integrate these updates into your systems and let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

ELSS Statement PDF:

We've jazzed up our ELSS Statement PDF in mobile app to make it even more user-friendly. Here are the latest enhancements:

  1. Investment Totals: At the end of each Applicant's investments, we've added a total of the Investment amount. Now, it's even easier to track total investments at a glance.

  2. Amount and Grand Total: Each row now includes an "Amount" field, and we've added a "Total Amount" row for a comprehensive overview. The grand total is now prominently displayed.

Feel free to explore these updates and let us know if they align with your expectations

Login to Invetswell Mobile App >> Clients >> Select client >> Menu >> ELSS Investments



Create IIN Bank Step - Show all Bank Types:

We're thrilled to announce an enhancement to the IIN creation process in the Bank Detail step, aimed at providing a more intuitive experience. There will now be a dropdown menu that will display all available bank types on our system that align with those offered at NSE, offering users a comprehensive view of their options.

Feel free to explore this updated feature by creating new IINs from Investwell

Login to Investwell >> Invest Online NSE >> Profile List >> Create IIN



Don't allow duplicate Bank Accounts in Bank Details while creating IIN, UCC and CAN:

We've implemented a crucial update to enhance the user experience during IIN, UCC, and CAN creation. 

Now, when users attempt to add a bank account, the system will perform a quick check to determine if the bank account has already been added. If a duplicate is detected, an error message 'Bank A/C already added.' will be triggered , preventing the user from adding it again.

Portfolio Summary PDF - Beta Version:

We're building on the beta version of the Portfolio Summary PDF with an additional feature. 

Now, in the Report Configuration of Portfolio Summary PDF report in the  'MF Allocation Sections,' users will find the Equity Market Cap allocation option.

Default Settings Enhancement:

  1. Existing Users: The Equity Market Cap option will remain unticked for users with saved settings.

  2. New Users: For users who haven't saved settings yet, the Equity Market Cap option, along with all other Allocation type options, will be ticked by default.

Feel free to dive back into the beta version, explore the new addition, and share your thoughts. 

Login to Investwell >> Go to Client Dashboard >> Report >> Portfolio Summary >> PDF >> Tick Beta


Below are the Bugs resolved:

Portfolio valuation FD data in PDF:

Our Portfolio Valuation PDFs were throwing a bit of a data party, but the sorting was playing it solo - didn't quite sync with the Allotment date. Our tech crew stepped in, did a bit of behind-the-scenes magic, and now our PDFs are back on track, boogieing perfectly with the Allotment date.

Give the updated PDFs a look and let us know if they're grooving the right way. If anything seems off, we're here to fine-tune the dance moves.

Login to Investwell >> Go to Client Dashboard >> Reports >> Portfolio Valuation >> PDF


Junk values in Min Amount filter in Fund Screener:

Our Min Purchase Amount and Min SIP Amount filters were showing a bit more than we bargained for - junk values were gatecrashing the range. Our team worked their magic, and now the Min Amount filters are sparkling clean. They'll only show a legit range based on the schemes in the Fund Screener.

Take the updated Fund Screener for a spin and let us know if everything falls into place. If you spot any unexpected guests, we're all ears.

Login to Investwell >> Utilities >> Fund Screener


Utilities KYC Form download error:

Seems like the KYC Form download was feeling a bit rebellious, throwing an "Index out of bounds" tantrum. Our tech squad rolled up their sleeves, dove into the code, and voila! The error's been shown the door, and downloading the KYC Form should be a breeze now.

Feel free to put the updated download to the test. If any more error tantrums pop up, we're here to keep the tech drama at bay.

Login to Investwell >> Utilities >> Forms >> Miscellaneous forms


Zero Data in Historical SIP Mining export:

Quick heads-up on the Historical SIP Mining Export - we spotted a hiccup where the SIP details were pulling a vanishing act and showing "0" even though the transactions were successfully updated in the system. Our tech team has made sure that the SIP details now show up as they should in the historical report.

Feel free to give the Historical SIP Mining Export another look. If you spot any more disappearing acts do let us know:

Login to Investwell >> Business Analytics >> SIP Mining >> Toggle Towards Historical Data


Model Portfolio Factsheet Error:

Some of our schemes' factsheets were missing the 'Cumulative Performance of Last 3 Years' graph. Our team went into overdrive, pinpointed the issue, and now, the 'Cumulative Performance of Last 3 Years' graph is back, stealing the show in the factsheets where it belongs.

Feel free to dive into the updated Model Portfolio fact sheets. If you spot any more disappearing acts or have suggestions, we're all ears.

Login to Invteswell >> Utilities >> Model Portfolio >> New Model Portfolio >> Enter details and mark Factsheet.



Factsheet issue in Benchmark graph:

While reviewing the factsheet, we noticed that the benchmark graph is incorrectly displaying 0 returns on the previous date for certain schemes.Our team worked diligently to resolve the issue, ensuring the benchmark graph reflects the correct data.

Feel free to revisit the factsheet and confirm that everything is displaying as expected. If you encounter any lingering concerns or have additional feedback, we're here to assist.

Login to Investwell >> Utilities >> Top Schemes >> Click on the scheme name for the Factsheet


Realized Capital Gain - Incorrect TDS amount in detailed excel report:

Upon close inspection, we noticed an inaccuracy in the TDS amount within the Realized Capital Gain detailed Excel report. Our team put in the hours to fine-tune the TDS amount, ensuring that the calculations are correct in the Realized Capital Gain detailed Excel report.

Revisit the report and ensure that the TDS amount is now accurate. If you have any remaining concerns or additional feedback, please get in touch. We're here to assist.

Login to Investwell >> Go to client Dashbaord >> Reports >> Capital Gain Realized


My SIPs Menu - SIP Visibility Issue for Family Heads:

Previously, family heads with more than 20 combined SIPs for all members were experiencing missing entries beyond the first 20 in the Running Systematic Transaction Section. We've now rectified this issue, and all SIPs should be visible as expected.

Feel free to explore the My SIPs menu and confirm that everything is displaying correctly now. 

Login to Investwell >> Go to Client Dashboard >> My SIP


ELSS Procurement fix for mobile app:

 We've successfully addressed and rectified a display issue in the ELSS procurement section of our mobile app.

Users were encountering an "NA" figure instead of the expected data in the ELSS procurement section. We've fixed this glitch, and users should now see the correct and updated figures as intended.

Feel free to explore the ELSS procurement section on the mobile app and confirm that the data is now displaying accurately.

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