Mint Release Note Date 15/10/2023

Welcome to Investwell Release Notes. We are pleased to inform you about the updates to our software done this week.

Read through and stick till the end to know about the exciting changes made by us just for you.

Below are the Feature Update:

Investwell Subscription:

Explore our extensive range of add-on modules which are additionally available on purchase. You can check them out through the following path.

Login to Investwell >> Settings >> Investwell Subscription


Support for Regular and Direct Schemes:

While showing the list of schemes in New and Additional Investwell of BSE, we have started taking the scheme type (Regular or Direct) from the Online Transaction type field which can be entered in Client Master.

The type of Investwell can be updated by following the below steps:

Login to Investwell >> Clients >> Action >> Edit Profile >> Enter Online Transaction type >> Save.


IIN Sync - Mapping of NRE and NRO:

NRIs generally have two IINs i.e. NRE and NRO. Mapping their folios against the correct IIN Account is a tedious task as the Tax status in folios is not standardized from the RTA. So now, our team has started the IIN mapping of these IINs based on the bank details to get the correct account.

Open Create Profile Page Pop-Up:

When we click on the transact button and realize that the client has no IIN / UCC or CAN created, we start showing a pop message to redirect to the create profile page so that the users do not have to go back to admin login and navigate towards the profile list.


NSE SIP, STP, and SWP - End Date Picker:

We recently integrated the SIP, SWP, and STP dates of all schemes given by NSE into our system. We have now made the life of our users easy by modifying the end date picker and giving them the option to just type the date they want and proceed with the transaction provided, it is allowed in that particular scheme.

NSE SIP, STP, and SWP - From Date:

The from date of SIP, STP, and SWP will now be shown on the system as per the frequency selected by the user.

So, if the frequency is selected as Daily: all calendar dates will be shown. 

If selected Weekly, Saturday, and Sunday will be disabled.

And if selected, Monthly  Quarterly / Half Yearly / Yearly, we will enable only allowed dates as per the scheme master

Also, the start date must be 7 days ahead, and in STP allowed dates only in Monthly frequency will be shown.

You need to follow the below steps to initiate a SIP, STP, or SWP transaction from the system:

Login to Investwell >> Go to client Dashboard>> Invest Online NSE >> Additional Transaction>> Click on transact on the right of the scheme details.


Funds Screener - Save screen:

Do you know we have an option to get you the list of schemes available that suit your criteria of investment?

Yes, you can use the Funds Screener option wherein you can give your criteria to the system, and in return, the system will give you a suggestion of schemes that fall under your category.

We have now enhanced this feature to have a Save Screen button which when clicked will save the recently used filters so that you do not have to do the tedious activity of choosing the filters again and again all the time.

You can use the below steps to save the screen in the Funds Screener Section:

Login to Investwell >> Utilities >> Funds Screener >> Enter your Criteria >> Apply >> Save Screen.


Portfolio Correlation In Scheme Compare:

Firstly, let us understand what Portfolio Correlation is: Correlation statistically measures the degree of relationship between two variables in terms of a number that lies between +1.0 and -1.0. When it comes to diversified portfolios, correlation represents the degree of relationship between the price movements of different assets included in the portfolio.

In layman's terms, If two pairs of assets offer the same return at the same risk, choosing the less correlated pair decreases the overall risk of the portfolio.

This Portfolio Correlation between schemes can be compared in the scheme compare option.

You can use the below steps to see the portfolio correlation:

Login to Investwell >> Utilities >> Scheme Compare >> Enter scheme in the select schemes box>> Portfolio Correlation>> Select time >> Show.


SIP Mining Improvements:

If you wish to see the SIP details of your client, SIP Mining in the report you can refer to Investwell.

We have now improved the report of SIP to include the following point.

  1. Give the Bank a/c holder name in Excel export. 

  2. Give client PAN in Excel. PAN will be available from the Clients table. Give on the right of Client Name.

  3. Give the Registration date and Family head name on the screen and Excel both. The registration date is put to the right of the Next date column. The family head name is put to the right of the Investor name column

  4. If STP or SWP type is selected & mode is Currently Running or ALL we will show the Market Value for Source Scheme's folio ID on screen and in Excel both. The market value column is put to the right of Frequency.

SIP Mining can be seen by using the steps below:

Login To Investwell >> Business Analytics >> SIP Mining


Backoffice level Update:

We are pleased to inform you that our back office level will now have the option to view the Data Management Menu. The admin can still hide this if they want by using the access permission option under User Settings.

You can use the below steps to restrict the options of a particular user:

Login to Investwell >> Settings >> User Settings >> Acess Permission >> Select Role >> Tick or Untick the options >> Save.


Capital Gain Realized:

We have gotten a lot of requests from our users to update the TDS values in the Excel sheet generated by the capital gain realized report.

These changes have finally been made and now, the TDS value is reflected in the Excel export (Formatted as well as Unformatted) of the capital gain realized section.

You can use the below steps to view the capital gain realized report:

Login to Investwell >> Go to Client Dashboard>> Reports >> Capital Gain unrealized.


Below are the Bugs resolved:

Remove Deceased Clients from Birthday Alerts:

It makes no sense to wish a deceased person “Happy Birthday”. Hence, we have made the changes to stop the Birthday Alerts sent to them from our system.

The death date needs to be entered by the user against their client for the system to know the demise of the client. You can use the steps below to update the date of death of the client:

Login to Investwell >> Clients >> Action >> Edit Profile >> Enter date >> Save.


Mandate End Date:

We received notice that BSE has changed their logic of end date in the Mandate to be 30 years after today minus 1 day and our team has worked swiftly to update these changes on our system.

The end date is now showing correctly as per BSE standards.

You can use the below steps to register a mandate on the system:

Login to Investwell >> Invest Online BSE >> Mandate List >> Create Mandate.


Asset Allocation In Mobile Web Login:

Last week our Mobile Web Login started showing incorrect figures in the asset allocation report objective-wise grouping. Our team was able to identify the issue and has resolved the issue.

Use the below steps to view the Asset Allocation report of your clients:

Login to Investwell >> Go to Client Dashboard >> Reports >> Asset Allocation.

BSE NACH Mandate Approval Link:

The approval of the BSE NACH Mandate is a very important process that you can do from Investwell itself. But we were facing certain challenges to opening this approval link in a new tab. This was identified by our users and the team has resolved it now.

Nach Mandate can be approved from Investwell by using the steps below:

Login to Investwell >> Invest Online BSE >> Mandate List >> Action >> Approved Mandate.


Model Portfolio and Top Schemes Fact Sheet:

Factsheets are an important source of information given to us to understand the performance of the schemes. Hence, we gave an option to our users to add these Factsheets to the Model Portfolio that they create so that they get a better picture and understanding of their Models.

These Factsheets in Model Portfolio and Top Schemes suddenly started showing incorrect details in the Cumulative Performance Graph which are now corrected by the team.

Factsheets in Model Portfolio can be added by using the below steps:

Login to Investwell >> Utilities >> Model Portfolio >> New Model Portfolio >> Tick the Factsheet checkbox while adding the details.



Share Data in Portfolio Valuation:

If there is the same transaction done multiple times in the same script and same date, it does not make sense to show multiple transactions right? Hence, we have decided to club such transactions in one entry and sum up the quantity to show crisp and clear data.

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