Mint Release Note Date 19/08/2023

Below Features were released during the week:

  1. Portfolio Valuation -  Folio Filter:

  • In the Portfolio Valuation report,  there is an option for Advance Filter wherein you get to select the folios that you want to include in the report.

  • This option was initially including the 0 balance unit folios as well in the list. This has been improved to show only those folios where the unit balance is available.

  • Below are the steps to generate the Portfolio Valuation Report:

Login to Investwell >> Go to client dashboard >> Reports >> Portfolio Valuation.


  1. Back Office and Service RM:

  • We have updated the new feature access for Back office and Service RM users. They are mentioned below:

  1. Back Office and Service RM users will now have to the option of invest online NSE / BSE / MFU.

  2. Business Analytics option will be available in their login.

  3. In the client list, they will be able to set RM, Sub-broker, and Family Head only for Backoffice users.

  • You can edit the rights of this user by following the below steps:

Login to Investwell >> Settings >> User settings >> Access Permission >> Select Role as Back Office Default / Service RM Default >> Tick the options you want >> Submit.



  • Below are the steps to create a user in the system:

Login to Investwell >> Settings >> User Settings >> Create User.


  1. Portfolio Performance Year-Wise Excel Report:

  • Currently, when a Portfolio Performance Year-Wise Excel Report is generated, we give a report by the Client (Different year-wise returns for each family member).

  • This has now been updated to show a performance for the entire Group as well at the bottom of the report.

  •  Below are the steps to be taken to generate a  Group Wise Portfolio Performance Report:

Login to Investwell >> Go to Family Head’s Dashboard >> Report >> Portfolio Performance Report >> Excel >> Toggle towards period wise >> select period and apply.






  1. AUM report - Excel Download:

  • We have added a unit column in the Excel download of the AUM report for all the group-wise options.

  • This will help the user to understand the total balance unit available in an AMC.

  • Below are the steps to generate an AUM report:

Login to Investwell >> Business Analytics >> AUM report



  1. Transact and SOA option in Portfolio Valuation Report:

  • We have added a cart and SOA button in the Portfolio Valuation and Summary Report in the On Screen View type for ease in the transaction and SOA generation for our users.

  • Below are the steps to be taken to generate the Valuation report:

Login to Investwell >> go to client dashboard >> reports >> portfolio Valuation report


  1. MFU - Mandate Registration:

  • Mandate registration option is available in Investwell for the CANs created via our system.

  • While registering Mandate, the users will now have the option to select the Authentication Method of the Mandate.

  • Below are the steps to be taken to register Mandate for CAN:

Login to Investwell >> invest online MFU >> profile List >> Action >> Register Mandate



Below Bugs were resolved during the week:

  1. Transact Option Disable in Reports:

  • We have recently added a transact button in our valuation and Summary reports for the On Screen View type.

  • This option can be disabled for client login when the admin user disables the transaction for a particular client from the client menu.

  • Earlier, when the admin user was disabling this functionality from the client menu, the transact button in the reports was getting disabled for the admin login - client page as well.

  • This bug has been fixed now and the response for restriction is working smoothly.

  • Below are the steps to be taken to disable the transaction option from the client menu.

Login to Investwell >> clients >> select clients >> action >> disable transaction.


  1. Mandate List - Action Button:

  • We have updated the action button in the Mandate list to show Download, Upload, Check Status, and Delete Options in-case of Physical Mandates

  • Below are the Steps to download and Upload the Mandate:

Login to Investwell >> invest Online NSE >> Mandate List >> action



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