Mint Release Note Date 12/08/2023

Below Features were released during the week:

  1. Capital Gain Report:

  • There have been multiple improvements in the capital gain report. The same has been listed below:

  • We have updated the client selection filter to select multiple clients at one time while generating the capital gain report.

  • We have added a tick option of Portfolio Valuation for PDF and Email view type of Capital Gain report. This option if ticked, will include the valuation of the portfolio report in the capital gain report. Earlier this Portfolio valuation section used to always be included in the CG report PDF. Now, it’s optional.

  • We have added share and bond valuation in the Capital Gain report along with the Mutual Fund's valuation.

  • Below are the steps to be followed to generate the Capital Gain Report:

Login to investwell >> go to client dashboard >> report >> capital Gain realised



  1. NEW AOF Form:

  • We have updated the NSE AOF form as per their new format.

  • This will help the users for the smooth onboarding of their clients.

  1. Forms:

  • In Investwell, we have to option to generate the pre-filled forms for any physical transactions that the user needs to place.

  • Here, when the client's name and their folio are selected, the form gets pre-filled with the details available in the folio of the client.

  • Below are the steps to be taken to generate the form.

Login to investwell >> Utilities >> Form.


  1. Captcha in Forgot Password and Signup:

  • We have updated our system to show captcha to the user while doing a forgot password or signup from the Investwell login page.



  1. CAS Format Change:

  • Recently CAMS changed its format for the Detailed CAS file.

  • This change in format has been incorporated into the system.

  • Below are the steps to be taken to upload the CAS file:

Login to investwell >> Data Management >> CAS Import.


Below Bugs were resolved during the week:

  1. NSE weekly STP:

  • There was an error while processing STP for weekly frequency. Here, while sending the request period day was missing from the backend.

  • This issue has now been resolved.

  • Below steps are to be taken in order to initiate a transaction.

Login to investwell >> go to client dashboard >> invest online NSE >> additional transaction >> transact.


  1. Investor Dashboard Purchase and Current Value:

  • We recently changed the logic to include schemes with 0 market value but Unit balance > 1 in the Portfolio. 

  • The same has now been incorporated in the dashboard wherein while calculating the purchase amount, we have started to account for the purchase value of segregated schemes whose current value is zero.

  1. Capital Gain Realised Report:

  • Earlier when generating the capital gain realized report, if there is no realized gain in the share and bonds section, the current valuation of the same was not showing in the report.

  • This issue has now been fixed now and correct reports are getting generated.

  • Below are the steps to be followed to generate the Capital Gain Realized report:

Login to investwell >> go to client dashboard >> reports >> capital gain realized.


  1. UCC / IIN Creation:

  • While creating UCC and IIN, default ARN will be taken into consideration in case multiple credentials are saved.

  • Also, ARN-00000 and CAS have been removed from the list to avoid confusion.

  • Below are the steps to be taken to create IIN / UCC

  • Login to investwell >> invest online NSE / BSE >> Profile List >> Create IIN / UCC


  1. Edit Client Bill:

  • Earlier, when the client bill was edited, the system generated a new bill altogether instead of making changes to the current bill.

  • This issue has been sorted out to avoid duplication of invoices.

  • Below are the steps to be followed to create a client bill:

Login to investwell >> Billings >> Create Client Bill


  1. Investor Dashboard Purchase Value:

  • There was an issue in the Purchase Value displayed on the investor login Dashboard wherein, it was taking the matured Fixed Deposits and other assets into consideration while calculating the Value.

  • This bug has been fixed now.

  1. Pending IIN:

  • While editing the Mobile and Email Relationship of a Pending IIN, the system was not allowing the changes to be made.

  • This has now been resolved.

  1. BSE Mandate List:

  • In the Mandate List of BSE, the ApproveNow button was available in only those cases wherein the status was shown as pending from BSE.

  • This has been updated now to show for also statuses aside from “approved”

  • Below are the steps that can be taken to re-generate the mandate approval link:

Login to investwell >> invest online BSE >> mandate list >> action >> approve now.


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