Mint Release Note Dated as on 15/07/2023

Below Features were released during the week:

  1. Portfolio Valuation Report in Mobile browser:

  • We have updated our portfolio valuation report in Mobile Web browser to make it more compatible for our users.

  • There were buttons overlapping earlier which have now been fixed.

  1. AUM Reports:

  • We have added the “All” option in the ARN filter in AUM report. This option will include the manually entered in the AUM report as well.

  • We have added group by Folio in the list of group bys in this report.

  • Below are the steps to be taken in order to generate the report:

  • Login to investwell >> Business Analytics >> AUM report




3) Pending IIN, UCC, And CAN:

  • In the pending IIN, UCC, and CAN, we have added the date of creation for the user to know when the process was originally started.

  • Below are the steps to be followed to view the Pending List:

Login to investwell >> invest online NSE/BSE/MFU >> profile List >> Pending IIN/BSE/MFU


4) Client and AMC Bill:

  • We have made a lot of improvements in the Client and AMC bill section which will ease out the process of bill creation for all our users. These improvements have been listed below:

  • While creating the AMC Bills, the system used to originally re-direct the user to the register bill section once the invoice was generated. This has been stopped now so that the continuous creation of bills can be done.

  • Once the selection is made for ARN, billing period, Invoice date, and Description, the data will remain as it is until the user re-loads the page or moves options.

  • A sort option has been provided on all columns in the register AMC Bill section.

  • Excel export columns have been arranged to have the same column order between Client and AMC bills.

  • Total Row has been added on the screen in the bill register.

  • Below are the steps to be taken in order to generate bills:

Login to investwell >> billing >> Create AMC bill >> enter details >> generate invoice.


5) Income details report:

  • The date restriction in the income detail report has been increased from 1 month to 12 months.

  • Below are the steps to be taken for generating the income detail report.

Login to investwell >> brokerage >> income detail.


6) Portfolio Valuation Report PDF:

  • We have added the Mutual Fund Allocation by Applicant in the PDF report of portfolio valuation.

  • This will help the user to understand the applicant-wise allocation of the clients.

  • Below are the steps to be followed to generate the portfolio Valuation report PDF Wise:

Login to investwell >> go to client dashboard >> reports >> portfolio valuation >> PDF.


7) Folio Lookup:

  • We have added the Iwell code to our folio lookup export Excel column for our users to have ease of data upload.

  • Iwell code is a value generated on the fly based on a defined logic at the backend.

Bugs were resolved during the week:

  1. Fund Selector:

  • We have fixed the scroller of the fund selector performance data for ease of use.

  • This will help the user to define a performance horizon and get the list of schemes available as per their selection.

  • Below are the steps to be taken in order to generate the report:

Login to investwell >> Utilities>> Fund Selector >> Performance Data.


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In 'AUM Reports' please provide the option (checkbox) to select 1 or multiple ARNs.

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