Mint Release Note Dated as on 01/07/2023

Below Features were released during the week:

  1. Portfolio Screener:

  • We have added 2 new filters in the portfolio screener report “Change of Broker AUM” and SIP AUM.

  • Change of broker AUM will help you know the AUM that is your Non-earning AUM as you don’t receive a commission for this AUM. 

  • Below are the steps that can be taken in order to generate the report:

Login to investwell >> portfolio screener >> select the filter >> apply.


  1. BSE Authorization:

  • Once the order is placed via BSE, the authorize button will be available to complete the process of the order.

  • If the Link for the same is delayed via BSE a message will be displayed to the user to complete the same from the “My orders” section.

  • The system will re-try to fetch the link every 5 seconds till the time the link is fetched successfully.

  • Authorize button will also be available for STP and SWP orders.

  • Below are the steps to be taken to authorize from the My Orders section.

Login to investwell >> invest online BSE >> My orders >> action >> authorize.

  1. PMS:

  • We have added Aditya Birla Capital, PGIM, and Buoyant Capital to the list of PMS providers that we are integrated with.

  • Now the SOA and current values of these AMCs will also be updated if the credentials for the same have been updated by the user.

  • Below are the steps to update the PMS credentials:

Login to investwell >> settings >> PMS Credentials >> Add credentials >> enter details >> submit.


  • Below are the steps to update PMS on investwell:

Login to investwell >> data Management >> create transaction >> other asset >> create asset


  1. Dashboard - Credentials Status:

  • On the dashboard of investwell, we show the credential status of both RTA of all ARN.

  • In case there is an issue in the credentials the status is changed to “Issue found” and if the same is correct the status visible is “OK”

  • Similarly, we have updated a new status “Forwarder Issue” which will be displayed if we do not receive any mail from the RTA in the last 48 hours.

  • This will help the user to understand whether there is a timely update of data or not and can take necessary actions in case of any issue.

  1. Back Office and Service RM:

  • We have added the insurance module to the Back Office and Service RM level.

  • This permission must be provided by the admin user first to be viewed in their sub-user logins.

  • Below are the steps to be taken to provide access permissions.

Login to investwell >> Settings >> User Settings >> Access Permissions >> select role >> tick the options you want to provide >> save.



  1. Transaction without Brokerage:

  • We have updated the logic of Transaction without brokerage report in order to get more accurate data for our users.

  • In order to get this report for a particular process month you need to mail us on

  1. Title in Robo Responder:

  • We have updated the salutation before a client name in our robo-responder application.

  • This application gives you solutions to your client's queries.

  • In order to purchase this application you can get in touch with your sales RM or email

Below Bugs were resolved during the week:

  1. IIN AOF:

  • While creating IIN from investwell in physical form, the Email ID of the 2nd holder was not getting captured in the AOF form due to which the IINs were getting rejected.

  • This issue has now been fixed and the form is getting generated with correct details.

  • Below are the steps to be taken to create IIN:

Login to investwell >> Invest online NSE >> profile list >>  create IIN.


  1. Contract Note Issue:

  • Incorrect data was getting captured while uploading the feeds via the SMC contract note.

  • This issue has now been resolved and correct feeds are getting uploaded on Investwell.

  • Below are the steps to be taken to upload the contract note:

Login to investwell >> Data Management >> create transactions >> share and bonds >> upload contract note.


  1. Folio Lookup - Excel Export:

  • While exporting the data from folio lookup, the comments column was removed by mistake.

  • This has now been added to the right of the Tax status column.

  • Below are the steps to be followed to export data in Excel.

Login to investwell >> folio lookup >> view type as excel >> apply.


  1. Model Portfolio PDF:

  • While generating the PDF of the model portfolio the graph of rolling returns was not showing the correct details.

  • This issue has now been fixed and correct details are visible in the report.

  • Below are the steps to create the model portfolio reports:

Login to investwell>> utilities >> model portfolio >> select model >> portfolio analysis.


  1. Scheme Compare:

  • When a client's name is selected in the scheme compare section, the client’s schemes were not getting displayed in the scheme compare box.

  • This issue has now been resolved and the details are showing correctly for comparison.

  • The below steps are to be followed to compare the schemes.

Login to investwell >> utilities  >> scheme compare >> enter client name.


  1. Comprehensive Portfolio - No. of holding:

  • While generating the comprehensive portfolio, even if the user is selecting “all” in the no. of holding dropdown, only the top 10 holdings were getting displayed.

  • This issue has now been fixed to view the correct details in the report.

  • Below are the steps t be taken to generate the comprehensive portfolio.

Login to investwell >> comprehensive portfolio.


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