Mint Release Notes Dated 27/05/2023

Below Features were released during the last week:

  1. Authenticate Order Button for BSE:

  • We have provided the ‘Authenticate Order’ button in the My Orders section of the Client portal.

  • Brokers can use this option to authenticate the order directly at their end.

  • Below steps can be followed:

Login to investwell >> go to client dashboard >> invest online BSE >> My Orders >> action >> authenticate order.



  1. Capital Gain Unrealized:

  • We have removed ELSS schemes that were not equity schemes from ELSS Locked and ELSS Unlocked sections. These will be visible in the Debt sections now.

  • The following steps can be taken to generate the  report:

Login to investwell >>go to client dashboard >> reports >> capital gain unrealized


  1. Cashflow Report:

  • We have revamped the display of the Cashflow report wherein the user will now have to option to apply different filters and drill down the report as per their requirement.

  • Below are steps that can be taken to generate the report:

Login to investwell >> business Analytics >> Cashflow report >> select the filters >> apply



  1. Portfolio Summary PDF Beta Version:

  • There is an option on the system to customize the colour theme of portfolio reports. This customization was not applied to the Portfolio Summary beta version PDF report.

  • We have updated the same now to take effect in the beta version reports.

  • The following steps can be taken to customize the report theme:

Login to investwell >> settings >> portal settings >> PDF Reports configuration >> make changes >> apply.


  • Below are steps that can be taken to generate bet version PDF report:

Login to investwell >> client dashboard >> reports >> portfolio summary >> PDF >> tick beta version >> apply.


  1. Web WhatsApp Sharing Message:

  • If you have configured all PDF reports to be password protected, the WhatsApp report sharing default message will now be modified to indicate to the recipient that their PAN is the password to open the file.

  • Below are Steps that can be taken to send reports on WhatsApp:

Login to investwell >> go to client Dashboard >> reports >> select the report >> PDF >> Send on WhatsApp.


Below Bugs were resolved during the last week:

  1. CAS Import Issue:

  • There was an issue in CAS import wherein the system was not updating data for 360 one AMC.

  • This has been resolved now and working smoothly.

  • Below steps are to be followed for CAS import:

Login to investwell >> Data Management >> CAS Import >> select client >> enter password >> upload CAS.


  1. Brokerage Payout PDF Download:

  • While downloading the PDF from verify payout and post, the PDF was getting downloaded for all ARNs even though a specific ARN was selected.

  • This issue has now been resolved.

  1. BSE Physical Mandate PDF issue:

  • While selecting the Physical Mandate End Date as "Until Canceled" and downloading the same in PDF the end date was 27/04/2099 whereas it should be 31/12/2099

  • Due to this, the mandates were getting rejected by BSE.

  • This issue has been resolved now.

  • Following steps can be taken to register a mandate via investwell.

Login to investwell >> invest online BSE >> mandate list >> create a mandate.


  1. Error while Mapping IIN:

  • While manually mapping IIN on the system, we were getting an error.

  • This has now been resolved.

  • Following steps can be taken to map the IIN manually.

Login to investwell >> invest online NSE >> Profile List >> Enter IIN in the “Enter IIN to Map” box >> submit.


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