Mint Release Notes dated 13.05.2023

Below features were released during the last week:

  1. Compliance Report : We have made updates in our compliance report to improve the data provided by investwell.

a. Refresh Data From RTA : 

  • We have provided a Refresh Data Button in the compliance report so that the brokers at their end can give command to the system to request feeds of the report in one go.

  • This button once clicked will request KARVY folio Master , CAMS Folio Master , CAMS KYC and KARVY Aadhar files.

b. Data Updated On:

  • We have started displaying Data Updated on time in the Compliance report to show the broker when the last KYC file was updated on the system.

  • The data of the same will be taken from the file import history section.

c. Improvements in Reports:

  • We have started excluding the folios where none of the holders have PAN with 4th letter as “P” in the aadhaar link missing report.

  • We have started displaying the Tax Status column in Aadhaar Link Missing and Nominee Missing reports.

  • We have added the Name and PAN of all Holder and Tax Status in Excel of all 3 reports.

  • We have added  an Excel export option in the EUIN Remediation Report.

  • If Guardian Name and PAN is not available in the RTA file then those folios will not be considered as Minor Folios and will be excluded from the Nominee Missing Report.

d. Path to the Reports:

  • Login to Investwell >> Data Management >> Compliance Report.



  1. Capital Gain Report PDF on API:

  • We have added Capital Gain summary and detailed reports in our Mint API collection for our API users.

  1. Portfolio Return and Summary Report on API:

  • We have added the folio type flag for Physical and Demat folios in our Mint API collection for our API users.

  1. Contract Note:

  • We have added two Share Brokers on investwell while uploading the contract note. They are Latin Manharlal Securities and Sunidhi Securities.

  • Below steps can be followed to upload the contract note:

Login to Investwell >> Data Management >> Create Transactions >> Share and Bonds >> Contact Note.



Below Bugs were resolved by us during the last week:

  1. Edit IIN Feature:

  • When IIN was edited from Investwell, many other fields were also changed which were not requested. This has now been rectified and working smoothly.

  • Below steps can be followed to edit an IIN:

Login to Investwell >> Invest online NSE >> Profile List >> Search IIN >> Action >> Edit Profile.


  1. Bonus Transaction Type Import:

  • When the Bonus transaction type is received in the RTA feeds, we were considering the NAV of these transactions if the same was available in the files.

  • Now we have stopped importing NAV for Bonus transactions even if given by the RTA.

  1. Corporate Action in HSBC schemes:

  • As we all know there was a merger of L&T and HSBC AMC. In the Data provided for such folio from RTA a different transaction type was given due to which the system was not able to apply correct corporate action.

  • This has now been rectified by our team and accurate data is showing on the system.

  1. Create AMC Bill Error:

  • While creating the AMC Bill for Samco AMC there was an error wherein the state was not auto picked via the backend source. This has now been rectified and working smoothly.

  • Below steps has to be followed to create an AMC bill:

Login to investwell >> billing >> create AMC Bill >> select AMC , ARN , and input other details >> Apply.

Bills created can be viewed and converted in Tax Invoice by using the AMC bill register option.


  1. Brokerage Payout:

  • There was an issue while processing the payout for brokers wherein, few transactions payout was not getting calculated. This issue has now been fixed and the process is running smoothly.

  • Below path can be followed for process payout:

Login to investwell >> brokerage >> process payout >> select month and apply >> select brokers >> process payout.

This process runs overnight, so the next day you can view the calculation under brokerage >> verify payout and post option.


  1. NSE Manage Profile:

  • The submit FATCA option was earlier not visible in the broker and client login. This issue has now been resolved.

  • Below path can be followed for NSE manage profile:

Login to investwell >> go to client dashboard >> invest online NSE >> Manage profile.


  1. NSE Cart:

  • Earlier the review order button was getting displayed only after clicking on the show details button.

  • This has now been fixed for all transaction types to show by default in the NSE Cart.

  1. Wrong DOB while Editing UCC:

  • While editing the UCC details from the Profile list menu, the system was showing the wrong DOB. This has now been fixed.

  1. BSE Redemption and Switch for Demat UCC:

  • While placing redemption and switch orders for Demat UCC we had a check for not allowing users to enter units more than what is available in the folio.

  • This check has now been removed by us.

  1. Performance Report Period Excel wise:

  • While generating a performance report - period wise excel, we were earlier showing the grand total of the opening balance. This has now been removed.

  • Below path can be followed for the Performance Report.

Login to Investwell >> go to client dashboard >> reports >> portfolio performance report.



  • While sending SIP transaction details to BSE we were sending an internal reference number due to which certain SIPs were getting rejected. This has now been fixed.

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Suggestion : Point Number 5, While Downloading statement in PDF or Excel format from  verify payout and post option. Both are commission is showing, Show kindly check and do necessary. As different ARN means different entity. 

Thank you 

Performance Report Period Excel wise

Wrong data showing. 

Also, give the option to view family-wise consolidate data.

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