Mint Release Note Dated 30.04.2023

Please find below the list of features implemented from our end with the necessary screenshots of the path.

  1. Email Scheduler Supercharged: We have re-engineered our email scheduler from grounds-up to deliver your email campaigns in a timely and consistent manner with minimal failure. Go ahead and give it a try if you haven’t already.

  1. Transaction Slip : We have enhanced the Download Transaction Form feature using Folio Lookup Option. Now, if an investor is mapped to a Sub Broker, both the EUIN and ARN of the Sub Broker will be printed on the form. Additionally, a validation has been added to the Sub Broker master, that if ARN is added then EUIN is mandatory and vice versa. This enhancement ensures accurate and complete transaction forms.

Below steps can be followed:

Path 1 : Folio Lookup >>Click on SOA >> Click on Download


Path 2 : Utilities >> Forms


  1. 1 day change difference between Investor dashboard and Portfolio Screener : We have rectified the one-day change shown in Portfolio Screener in Advisor login to ensure consistency and accuracy with the Investor Dashboard. This change has already been implemented on all sections to match the figures with correct data.



  1. Transaction statement PDF: We have enhanced our transaction statement download functionality with the addition of folio no. filter. This provides users with a convenient way to access specific transactions associated with a particular folio number.

Below Path can be followed:

Login to Mint >> Go to client dashboard >> Transactions >> Enter date range >> Enter folio number >> generate PDF.


  1. Karvy MFSD240 import for Aadhaar : We have updated our platform to take aadhar related information for Aadhar PAN Link Missing compliance report from Karvy MFSD240 file. Also, we have stopped taking Aadhaar fields from MFSD211 allowing correct information to be displayed on the system.

Steps to generate report:

Login to Mint >> Data Management >> Compliance report >> Aadhar Link Missing 



  1. Portfolio summary beta version PDF : We have added the allocation by Equity Cap section in our beta version of Portfolio Summary report to show the Market Cap wise bifurcation of your MF Equity holdings 


  1. Submit Doc not mandatory for Digital IIN creation : We have removed the Submit Document step for digital mode of IIN creation. NSE will do a penny drop to authenticate the bank details and investors must confirm the IIN request by email. Activate IIN will be visible in the actions section of Incomplete IIN tab in-case the user wants to upload the document when rejection takes place from NSE.

Steps to create IIN:

Login to Mint >> Invest Online BSE >> Profile List >> create IIN.


  1. Manage Profile in Client Dashboard : We have updated the Mange profile feature under client dashboard to include additional actions that were missing before. Those are , Submit Document , Submit FATCA and Check IIN Status

Steps to be followed : 

Login to Mint >> Client Dashboard >> Invest Online NSE >> Manage profile >> action.

  1. PMS SOA : We have added the PMS SOA option for all the users of a Broker. In the Client portal, when entering Other assets we have shown Provider and Account No fields when asset type is PMS. If the same is filled then View SOA will be visible in the actions.

Steps to be followed in Broker portal:

Login to Mint >> Data Management >> Create Transaction >> Other Assets >> Create Asset.



Steps to be followed in client portal:

Login to Mint >> Go to client dashboard >> Transactions >> Other Assets >> Create Asset


  1. Nominee Authentication message :  After Bank details are submitted and UCC is created we show a pop up message to the user to go to the Email id of all the holders and authenticate the Nominee.

Steps to create UCC:

Login To Mint >> Invest Online BSE >> Profile List >> create UCC


  1. UCC created date : When uploading the text file we have fixed our system to take the BSE created date from the text file under profile list table to ensure correct date feeds are shown.


  1. Create Mandate button from Place orderage: While initiating purchase or SIP transaction if pay now option is selected and there are no Mandate details available the system will show a create mandate option to ease the user’s process.


  1. Unrealized Capital Gain : We have added a bifurcation in Long Term Equity under the capital gain unrealized statement to show data before and after grandfathering rule.


  1. Client dashboard My journey graph : We have updated the client Dashboard’s Journey graph to take since inception data by default. This will help the client to understand their whole journey correctly in the graphical format.


  1. UCC Number Issue : We have resolved the issue where even after selecting a specific UCC number system would auto generate the UCC number. The same is now working fluently.

  1. AUM for Fixed Deposit : We have rectified our back dated reports to change the AUM of Fixed deposits as per the date selected.

  1. Address Details from IIN : We have now started updating the Address details of the client in Client master when it is created via NSE Sync.

  1. Submit FATCA : We have rectified the UCC and IIN creation form to open the FACTA page only when the applicant name is available in our database. Once the applicant name is fetched the form will open for the user to fill the details.

  1. PMS Credentials : We have rectified the PMS credentials page to save the credentials once the changes are made. You can update credentials of PMS by following the below steps:

Login to Mint >> Settings >> PMS credentials


  1. Invalid Order id error in BSE order authentication : While initiating the SIP transaction we were getting an error when clicking on authenticate now. This has been rectified and is now working smoothly.

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please give 2fa authentication link so that we only have to take otp of order authentication.

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