Mint Release Note Dated 24.04.2023

Please find below the list of features implemented from our end with the necessary screenshots of the path.

  1. Capital gain realized and unrealized : We have updated the logic of Long term Debt Capital gain as per the new IT laws. Capital gain on purchase made in debt mutual funds after 31st March 2023 will be shown under Short Term Debt. Any Purchase made on or before 31st March 2023 will be treated same as before i.e. it’ll be considered long term if sold after 3 years.

  1. BSE Order for Physical mode : When BSE order is placed in Physical mode, we have added two fillers i.e. Primary Holder Mobile No. and Primary Holder mail ID. This information will be picked up, incase of new folio - from the UCC master of the client and incase of existing folio - from the folio master of the client.

  1. UCC creation including Nominee : We have updated our UCC form to include the nominee opt and nominee authentication details of the client while filling the UCC form for new clients.


  1. 2FA Authentication for transactions via MFU : When a purchase or SIP transaction is placed via MFU on Mint , the 2FA Authentication mail will be sent through the below mentioned parameters.

  • New Folio- 2FA OTP will be sent to the CAN registered email id / mobile number of Primary holder. In case of Joint holder, OTP is sent to Primary holder only.

  • Existing folio- 2FA OTP shall be sent to the Email and/or Mobile Number registered in Folio

  1. Compliance Report - Nominee Opt Report : We have updated the report to pick out information from KARVY folio files wherein the nominee Opt is given as yes. Due to this the folios where the nominee opt is given as yes will be excluded in the nominee compliance report by default.

Steps to be followed : 

Login to Mint >> Data Management >> Compliance report.




  1. Correction in Cash Flow report : We have updated our cash flow report to include the CAS and Manually updated data to show correct figures of each transaction in the report.

Steps to be followed : 

Login to Mint >> Business Analytics >> Cash Flow.


  1. HUF IIN/ UCC creation : We have updated our IIN / UCC process to change the label of Date of Birth to Date of Incorporation and remove the age check on the Date of Incorporation entered when tax status is selected as HUF (Non Individual).

Steps to be followed for NSE:

Login to Mint >> Invest Online NSE >> Profile List >> Create IIN >> Tax Status (HUF)


Steps to be followed for BSE:

Login to Mint >> Invest online BSE >> Profile List >> Create UCC >> Tax status (HUF)


  1. Nominee DOB error in CAN Creation : Incase of CAN when the nominee is edited the nominee type was not selected from backend and by default nominee type was selected as major. This has now been rectified. An option will be provided to select the type of nominee while editing the CAN

  1. Folio Lookup - Demerge Client : We have updated the demerge client logic to work on Name and PAN for all types of PAN. 

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