Mint Release Notes dated 14.03.2023

Please find below the list of features implemented from our end with the necessary screenshots of the path.

Minor Releases

  1. SIP Upcoming Alert Template : We have made modifications while triggering SIP upcoming alert mail. The cases where a client has multiple SIPs in one date, one single mail will be triggered consisting of all the SIP details of the client.

In-order to activate auto alerts follow the below steps.

Step 1 : Settings >> Alert Configuration


Step 2 : Toggle towards yes >> select number of days


  1. Create IIN for NRI and HUF-  We have included HUF and NRI related tax status while creating IIN from Investwell. The following types have been included

  1. NRI-Minor(NRO) 

  2. NRI-Minor

  3. NRI Repatriable

  4. NRI Through NRO



  7. PIO NRI

  8. PIO NRO

Follow the below path to get the same 

Invest Online NSE >> Profile List >> Create IIN



3. Other Assets -  We have added an Account Number column in other assets besides Assets Name.This will help you identify the account number that you have entered in different PMS entities and will make you aware that for which investor and PMS provider the account no is missing.

Path : Data Management >> Create Transaction >> Other Assets


4. Portfolio Screener - We have optimised the response time for portfolio screener. This will help the user to take a quick view on all the mutual fund investment data of all clients.


5. Portfolio Summary - We have introduced a new report format for PDF view type under portfolio summary in which we have given an option of beta version.When beta version is selected you will find a more concise information in the PDF as compared to report when beta version is not selected.This new report format can also be saved by the user by clicking on save settings and can be used as a mailing format for bulk email scheduler.

Portfolio Summary report when beta version is selected 


Portfolio Summary report when beta version is not selected


The following columns is different in the Portfolio summary PDF

  1. Start date - It is the first transaction date in a folio

  2. Total Invested amount - It sums to all purchase

  3. Total Redemption - It sums to all switch outs.

By default the beta version of the report will be selected.

Steps: Go to client Dashboard >> reports >> Portfolio Summary >> Tick Beta Version >> Select options >> Save Settings.


6.  Portfolio Reports - We have replaced the scheme filter with folio filter under portfolio reports i.e. Portfolio valuation and Portfolio Summary to help users filter the data of clients.


7.  PMS Improvements - We have added 1 new provider i.e. Motilal Oswal for which now you can get the Statement of Account of a PMS strategy entered in Investwell in real-time.Also at the same time we have started fetching the current value from PMS provider. Now you don’t have to manually enter the current value which you used to do earlier which will help to save a lot of time. Follow the below path



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  1. The report generated with "Portfolio Summary report when beta version is selected" looks concise, better than without Beta. Request to please apply it by default. 
  2. One observation, the "Investment Snapshot" table on first page does not shows Border for the cells in the table. The setting with Beta is "No Border", instead of "All Borders" without Beta. The table with "All Borders" look easy to understand. Request to please apply "All Borders" to the table even in "Beta".

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Yes, Thank you

also add filter for only sip valuation report

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