Product Updates dated 27.02.2023


 Major Releases

1. Fetching Current Value from PMS Providers - We have started fetching the current value from all the supported PMS providers. Now you don’t have to manually enter the current value which you used to do earlier which will help to save a lot of time. Follow the below path

 Data Management >> Create Transaction >> Other Assets >> Select Asset type as PMS

2. Edit UCC details - We have given an open form where you can edit the UCC details for a client that is created. There are a few fields that you can’t edit such as Tax status, PAN, Name, date of birth, and holding. Follow the below path

Invest Online BSE >> Profile List >> Edit Profile

 Minor Releases

1. SIP Mining Summary Report - In the SIP Mining summary report, we added an additional column for sub-broker code in excel export when group by sub-broker is selected. Follow the below path

Business Analytics >> SIP Mining

2. Clients Bulk Upload - We have added an additional column Family head username at the end of the excel export of Clients master. So by default, this column will be blank. There are 2 use cases for this feature

A) New Client

If a new member is found and the family head username is entered in the excel file then the client with that username will be assigned the family head of the new member.

B) Existing client without Family head

If in the excel file, we found that members are already created and a family head username has been entered for the clients then the family head will be assigned to all the family members

3. Goal Planner - If the goal planner feature permission is turned off for an investor, then from the client login he/she will not be able to see the Goal summary in the dashboard. Follow the below path

Step 1: Settings >> Feature Permissions

Step 2: Select Client from the tab.

Step 3: In the investor login the goal summary as shown will not be visible.

4. Clients Menu Bulk Action - We have provided Unassign Service RM in the action dropdown from which now you can unassign service RM for a particular client or a set of clients. Follow the below path

Step 1: Select the client for which you want to perform Unassign Service RM 

Step 2: Select Unassign Service RM from the dropdown

Step 3: Click on Apply


5. SIP Business Report - We have implemented 2 changes in the excel export of the SIP business report which will help you to analyze the report in a more efficient way.

A) Included all hierarchy columns along with the code. For eg if you are extracting the report region wise you will get the details of the zone also in the excel export.

B) PAN is included whenever group by Family head or client is selected.

6. Duplicate Finder - We have provided an excel export option in the duplicate finder under the Data Management menu which will help you to extract the information in excel for further analysis. Follow the below path.

7. Client and AMC Tax Invoice - In the Client and AMC Tax Invoice PDF we have started showing CIN no. Please note that CIN no is entered in the billing details under ARN settings.

Follow the below path for Client Bill Invoice.

Step 1: Billing >> Create Client Bill - Fill in all the necessary details and click on Generate Quotation.

Step 2: In the Client Bill register fill in the necessary details and select Tax invoice from Client Bill Type and click on Show

Step 3: Click on Download from the actions menu for which you want to download the tax invoice PDF.

Follow the below path for the AMC bill Invoice

Step 1: Billing >> Create AMC Bill - Fill in the necessary details and click on Proceed

Step 2: After clicking on Proceed click on Create Invoice 

Step 3: Click on Download from the actions menu for which you want to download the tax invoice PDF.



1. Client Dashboard - We have implemented 2 changes in the client dashboard.

A) We have added the ability to show Overall Gain on the dashboard and the already present Gain field. The difference between the 2 fields is as follows:


Gain => Unrealized Gain (CAGR)

Overall Gain => Realized + Unrealized Gain (XIRR)

The toggle to view Overall Gain can be enabled from Web portal >> Settings >> Mobile App Configuration.

B) Introduced Asset, Category, Investor, and Fund wise details

Asset-wise details will give you the pictorial representation of your assets invested under Equity, Debt, or Global Equity.

Category-wise information will give you a pictorial representation of the amount invested in different categories. If you have invested in an Equity ELSS scheme, it will show the total amount you have invested along with the share % compared to another category.

Investor-wise details will give you the amount invested by all your family members

Fund-wise details will give you the details of the amount invested in different AMCs.

In a nutshell, this is a comprehensive report that you can find in the client dashboard

2. AUM Report - We have added a filter at the top right that will allow you to select user type, category, and ARN. This will help you to extract the data in a more customized manner. Follow the below path


3. Unrealized Capital Gain - We have made a report configuration view of the Capital Gain Unrealized report where you have the option to select members, choose export and report type, and also decide whether you want to include or exclude the CAS data. The export type will be PDF, Excel, or E-mail and the report type will be Summary or Details. Follow the below path

 Menu >> Unrealized Gain

4. PMS SOA Download - In the client portfolio you can download the PMS SOA under the Other Assets tab if the provider and account number is provided.

5. New Investment through BSE - We have added Physical and Demat options in Transaction mode for new purchases either through lumpsum or SIP done under a new folio. The UCC must be demat type and by default Physical option will be selected. Follow the below path.

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