Product Updates dated 30.01.2023

Major Releases

1. Client Bulk Upload - We have started supporting the updation of three fields of client information during bulk upload in the client master. The 3 fields are:

 i) Title

 ii) Review Frequency

 iii) Last Review date

2. Unique Client Code Export in Excel File - We have made provision for users to extract a unique client code from the software. This code called IWELL CODE, can be useful in syncing your backend operations across multiple different sources of client investment information.

We have added a new column of IWell Code in the excel export of the following menus

i) Clients Menu

ii) Transactions Menu

iii) Portfolio Screener group by Client and Folio

Minor Releases

1. NSE Order Application Form - In the Order Application Form for New Folio we have given an option of selecting a bank in folio while initiating a new Purchase or SIP transaction . Earlier instead of passing user selected bank details we were sending  default bank details which is available in IIN.

A) Invest Online NSE >> New Investment >> Transact


B) Select Transaction type as Purchase or SIP

2. SIP Mining - We have implemented 2 changes in the SIP mining module under Business Analytics.

A) We have added an All radio button in Mode and Type based on which now you can visualize this report across all the available modes and types.

B) A toggle has been introduced, allowing you to choose between RTA Master and Historical Transaction data. Historical transactions will show the amount invested in the last 4 months of the running SIP.

This option will show only when the mode is selected as Currently Running.

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