Product Updates dated 16.01.2023

Major Releases

1. Back Office and Service RM - Based on the requests received to create users with certain client access rights that do not fit in our current reporting hierarchy we have created 2 types of users. These user types shall remain independent of the existing reporting hierarchy. The 2 types are:

i) Back Office 

ii) Service RM

Feature Description 

Back Office 

i) Each Back Office user login id will have access to all clients.

ii) Back office users cannot be assigned to 1 client as they have access to all client's data by default.

Feature Description

Service RM 

i) It can be assigned to one or more clients

ii) One client can have no more than 1 Service RM.

Please refer to for more details.

Minor Releases

1. Risk Profile Submissions - We have added an additional column Valid upto in On-Screen and Excel export of Risk profile submissions. This is the validity date of the client risk profile created by them.

2. Client Acquisition - In the client acquisition report we have added 2 more columns i.e. PAN and Source in the excel export. Follow the below path.

3. Client Profile -  The client’s point of contact in your organization may be different depending upon the structure of your organization. You can now customize whose contact details in your organization to display in the particular client portal using the setting “Contact to include in reports”. This setting can be found under Settings >> Portal Settings >>PDF Reports Configuration.

The result of this setting will reflect in the client portal login when the user clicks on his profile page, and also in any of the portfolio/tax reports that are client-specific

 To understand this let us take different cases. Follow the path to get the same

Settings >> Portal Settings >>PDF Reports Configuration

                                           Selected as Sub-broker in PDF Reports Configuration.

Case 1: If RM is assigned and no sub-broker is assigned to the client then RM details will be reflected in the client profile.

Case 2: If RM and SB both are assigned to the client then SB details will be reflected in the client profile

Case 3: If neither sub-broker nor RM is assigned to the client then no contact details will be coming in the client profile

4. Goal Planner - We have made the following changes to the Goal planner

A) Goal Start date can now be customized for the cases when the planning date is different from the current date. Earlier this used to default to the present date. Users can enter the start date as past, current, and future dates.

B) The goal graph will start with the present age of the user and the age will be treated as the age of the user during the goal start date.

5. Portfolio Summary Beta Version PDF - A new additional design for the portfolio summary PDF report has been released. In this new design, we are now showing the data of all 11 columns in one row when group by is selected as Category or Sub-Category. The 11 columns are:

1. Scheme with Folio

2. Start Date / Opening Balance if report taken for a period

3. Total Inv. Amount

4. Total Redemption

5. Current Cost

6. Current Value

7. Dividend Payout

8. Dividend Reinvest

9. Unrealized Gain

10. Realized Gain

11. XIRR

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