Product Updates dated 02.01.2023

Major Releases

1. Forgot Password - We have understood the pain point of an investor when he tries to login in through your portal and he is not aware of the username. So we have changed the logic for forgot password where now you can enter either the username or email id.

Case 1 :

If the email id is found unique to any user then forgot password mail will be sent to that user’s email id to reset.

Case 2 :

If on any level this email belongs to more than 1 user then forgot password request will be rejected with the error message “Unique user not found”

2. Brokerage Income Detail - In brokerage income detail when we are taking group by as Rate we have implemented the following change.

Eligible amount column 

We have added the eligible amount column next to Rate. Earlier you had to drill down further and click on Count to see the Eligible amount. The total of Eligible Amount column gives an idea of the AUM on which you are actually earning brokerage.

Minor Releases

1. New Investment in BSE -  Since the discontinuation of pooled accounts from SEBI, we have allowed users to select a payment mode for Demat UCC similar to physical UCC.

2. Forms - We have made further improvements in Forms utility where now we are capturing the SIP frequency. For example, in the SIP Cancellation Form of Nippon India Mutual Fund, if you mention the SIP frequency in the form, the same can be seen once you download the form.

3. Common Transaction Form - In the common transaction form PDF we are now capturing the EUIN in the provided field. EUIN if present in sub-broker or relationship manager will be used. If not found then it will capture the EUIN present in your ARN. To download a common transaction form for an existing holding follow the below path

A) Go to your Folio Lookup menu and search for the folio no or any of the available filters for which you want to download the Common Transaction Form and click on Apply.


B) Click on Folio no and the Folio detail screen will pop up. Click on the Download button at the bottom right.

4. Asset Allocation - We have added 2 more sections i.e. Category wise and Equity Cap in On-screen that were already present in the excel export.

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The "Asset Allocation - We have added 2 more sections i.e. Category wise and Equity Cap in On-screen that were already present in the excel export" enhancement is in which report?

Please see Asset Allocation report under Reports menu in the Client portal.

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