Product Updates dated 21.11.2022

 Web Browser Major Release 


1. Portfolio Valuation - We have added some more options in the Holding period filter i.e. Upto 1 year, More than 1 year, More than 2 year, More than 3 year, More than 4 year, and More than 5 year in the holding period drop-down apart from short-term and long-term. 

Let us take a few examples to understand this


Example 1: If the portfolio valuation report is taken as on 14 Nov 2022 and “Upto 1-year” is chosen in the holding period filter then the report will display only purchases made on or after 14 Nov 2021.


Example 2: If the portfolio valuation report is taken as on 14 Nov 2022 and “More than 1 year “ is chosen in the holding period filter then the report will display only Purchases made before 14 Nov 2021.

2. EUIN Remediation - We have added a new report EUIN Remediation under the Compliance report. Here, you will get the transactions that have been flagged for Invalid EUIN. These reasons are available in the CAMS/KARVY EUIN Remediation file. The count can also be shown in your dashboard. Follow the below path to get the same.

Process 1 :

A) Data Management >> Compliance Report

B) Select View as EUIN Remediation from the dropdown

C) Once selected the entire list will be coming for which EUIN is invalid

Process 2 : 

A) You can also view the count of EUIN Remediation count in your dashboard under the Compliance section.

B) After clicking on the Compliance name, you will get redirected to Data Management >> Compliance Report where you will get the details of the EUIN that are invalid under your ARNs

Note : 

1. In CAMS you have to order WBR68: Invalid EUIN Report and select the options that are mentioned in the screenshot below

2. In KARVY you have to order MFSD 247: EUIN Report. Refer to the path

STEP 1 : 

STEP 2 :

STEP 3 : 

ANDROID AND IOS Minor Releases

1. Investor Dashboard - We have added a 1 Day Change and Absolute return % on the investor dashboard. Now the investor can see the Unrealized Gain in both amount and %.

2. Market Update - A separate section of Market Update has been created, including information regarding the latest NAV and Market Indices.

3. Portfolio Reports - We have introduced an email feature using which you can mail the Portfolio Valuation and Portfolio Summary to the client. Follow the below path

A) Click on Portfolio in the Investor’s portal

B) Click on Email and select the type of Portfolio report you want to send

4. Investment Profile Creation - Create IIN/UCC module has been added in the mobile app login of your  Relationship Managers, Sub brokers, and all other user types of your organization as well. Follow the below path.

A) Click on More in your profile

B) Select Create Profile option as shown in the screenshot below

C) Click on Create Profile button

D) Fill in the necessary details required in every step to create the profile of an investor

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