Product Updates dated 31.10.2022

New Release

1. Direct vs Regular Savings - We have introduced a new report Direct vs Regular savings in Business Analytics where you can check the savings that are being achieved with direct investment or the potential savings that can be achieved if the investment is switched to direct. This report is only visible to you and not to your investors. This report is meant to retain your investors who are trying to move to Direct just for the sake of saving the commission. It is helpful for you to know the amount that your investors will save so that you can justify your own value-add to your Investor and be transparent in such discussions.  

Follow the below path to get the same

A) Business Analytics >> Direct vs Regular Savings

B) Select the client name for which you want to view/download the report and click on Apply. The report is also available in PDF and excel where you can download and share the same with your clients.

C) After Apply button is clicked the following screen will appear which helps you to identify the potential saving that can be achieved if the client will switch to direct. If the client has already invested in direct schemes, then the note will show as Savings Achieved. 


Important Points:

A) In the case of the family head, all the holding amounts of the family members will be clubbed and shown as the total amount in Holding.

B) Annual savings are calculated as (Direct Scheme Expense Ratio(%))-(Regular Scheme Expense Ratio(%))*Holding Amount/100 and it infers the amount that could be saved if the investment has been switched to direct schemes.


C) If the investment has been made in direct schemes then in the note it will appear as “Savings Achieved” else it will show as Potential savings.

2. Email scheduler - The system will check your SMTP Email credentials before triggering any campaign. If that check fails we will not start the campaign and you will get a mail that will have the Campaign name and an error message as given by your Email server.

Please get in touch with our team if you need any help rectifying your  SMTP credentials.

Minor Release

1. BSE All Orders - We have added the following filters in BSE All Orders that will fetch the order details from BSE in real-time.

A) Search Client/UCC - We have given the filter to search a particular client or UCC for all the orders placed under that client. By default, you can view all the orders placed for your clients.

B) Transaction type - You can select Purchase or Sell in the Transaction type filter. If the transaction type is Purchase then the order type dropdown will have the following options.

  • All

  • Lumpsum

  • SIP

  • XSIP

  • ISIP

  • Switch

  • STP

If the transaction type selected is Sell then the order type dropdown will have the following options

  • All

  • Lumpsum

  • SWP

  • Switch

  • STP

C) Status - You can filter out the valid and invalid orders from the status filter

D) Order Date - By default, the order date filter will show orders placed in the last 7 days.

2. Rejected UCC Mapping - We have added 2 additional columns of Guardian name / PAN and UCC type in Rejected UCC mapping.

3. Addition of level name and code in AUM and SIP Mining - We have added name and user code based on the user type level that is chosen in the excel export of AUM and SIP mining (detailed ) reports.

Example - In AUM reports we have Group By and Sub-group By. So let us take different scenarios.

A) If Group By is selected as RM and a sub-group is selected other than user level then the name and user code of all levels above the RM will be present in the excel export.

B) If Group By is selected as the client and the sub-group is selected as RM then out of these 2 levels whichever is lower i.e. client, in this case, we will be showing all the usernames and codes above the client.

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