Product Updates dated 03.10.2022

1. PDF Reports Configuration - We have added a disclaimer field in the PDF reports configuration where you can input your own disclaimer, which will appear in Portfolio Valuation and Portfolio Summary report PDF format.

Follow the below steps 

A) Settings >> Portal Settings

B) Click PDF Reports Configuration

C) In the Portfolio disclaimer footer, input your own disclaimer and click on Submit

D) You can check the disclaimer entered by you in portfolio valuation and portfolio summary report PDF format.

2. Folios without Nominee - We have added additional columns of Relationship manager and sub-broker names in the excel export of Folios without Nominee report.

Follow the below steps

A) Data Management >> Compliance Report

B) Select View as Folios without Nominee from the dropdown

C) Export the report in excel and you will find the RM and sub-broker columns

3. Investor Dashboard - For better clarity, we have rewritten Gain as Unrealized Gain in the Investor dashboard.

4. Create Campaign - We have improved the user experience while creating campaigns by disabling the client's table if the subject for the campaign is not saved. Once the campaign name is saved, the client’s table gets enabled and you can select the clients for which the campaign needs to be sent.

Follow the below steps

A) Email Scheduler >> Create Campaign

B) If the subject for the campaign is not saved, then the client's table is disabled.

C) Once the campaign name is saved, the client’s table is enabled

PDF report configuration > portfolio footer Disclaimer
is there any character length restrictions ?

Yes there is a restriction of 1499 characters.

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