Product Updates dated 26.09.2022

1. Fetch Portfolio of PMS - We have added a powerful feature where you can get the Portfolio Appraisal report of a PMS Strategy entered in Investwell in real-time. Follow the below steps to get the same.

A) Settings >> PMS Credentials

B) After clicking on PMS credentials, you have to select the provider, enter the user credentials for the chosen provider, and click on submit.

C) Once the details are submitted, you can edit the details entered by clicking on the Edit action. Similarly, if you have to add the credentials for another provider, please click on Add Credentials to enter the details.

D) For entering the PMS Strategy details, you have to go to Data Management >> Create Transaction >> Other assets tab >> Then click on Create Asset button After selecting the Asset type as PMS, you need to enter the provider name and account no.

E) You can view the SOA PDF in real-time on the “View SOA” action menu.

2. Risk Profile submissions - We have added an additional column of PAN beside the client name in the On-Screen and excel report.

3. Salutation variable in all Templates - We have started supporting the salutation variable from our end. Now, you can edit and add a salutation variable, i.e.${salutation} before the client name. The salutation entered in the client profile will be added to the template where the ${salutation} variable is found.

4. Transaction Statement - We have added ISIN in the transaction statement PDF besides the scheme name.

5. BSE Demat transaction with Physical Folio case - We have made changes to send Demat folio transactions to BSE correctly.

The transaction mode will be picked from the Folio type instead of UCC type i.e. if the folio type is Physical then the transaction mode will also be physical.

6. IndoThaiSecurities Contract note - We have added support for importing the IndoThaiSecurities Contract note.

7. BSE All Orders - We have added additional columns of EUIN, sub-broker code, and sub-broker ARN in the excel export of BSE All Orders.

8. IIN List Excel Export - We have added all the columns present in the IIN master in excel. Follow the below path

Invest Online NSE >> Profile list

9. Additional options in Email configuration - We have added 3 options i.e Cc, Bcc, and Reply to Email id in Email configuration of Gmail /Google workspace Email id. 

A) Settings >> Email Configuration

B) Select the 2nd option 

C) After selecting the 2nd option you will find the 3 additional options which will be activated after completing the sign-in with Google process.

10. Review date in Portfolio Review Reports - We have added a new column of Next Review date in the Portfolio review Alert reports. Follow the below steps

A) Business Analytics >> Alert Reports

B) Select Portfolio Review from the dropdown

C) Next review date column can be seen after the Review Frequency

11. Sorting in Portfolio Valuation - In Portfolio Valuation when Group by is 7 i.e. Investor, Transaction, the sorting has been changed in the PDF report. Earlier after client-wise group sorting was only on the transaction date. 

Now after the client-wise group by sorting it is first on Scheme name (A-Z), then folio number (ascending ), and then transaction date (ascending)

12. Cease SIP in BSE - We have added a new status i.e. SUSPENDED in the Status filter due to which you can now see the list of suspended SIP from BSE.

13. HUF Proprietorship handling - Earlier the system treated HUF clients as unique based on only PAN. This clubbed the Proprietorship’s of HUF along with the HUF entity. We have now allowed you to demerge and create multiple clients with the same HUF PAN but different holder names. You can select those clients whose folio is wrongly mapped and apply demerge action.

A) Select the client for which the folio was wrongly mapped

B) Select Demerge Clients from the Action Menu

C) Click on Create and Assign 

D) You will get a confirmation message that the folio was successfully demerged and a new client was created.

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