Product Updates dated 12.09.2022

1. Custom Theme Setting - We have given 2 color pickers i.e. Light Shade and Dark shade where you can select the color as per your choice and the effect can be seen accordingly in your portal.

Follow the below path to set the custom theme color

Settings >> Portal Settings >> IFA Registration

2.Switch Out Without Switch In Report -We have introduced a new report under Business Analytics where you can track the Change of Broker cases by tracking the Switch Outs that have not come back as a corresponding Switch In in the same folio and Fund in a different scheme.

Data can be viewed in Excel or On screen.

3. General Insurance - The system will now mark the Policy status as INACTIVE if the renewal date is more than 1 month behind today. Earlier you had to mark these policies as inactive yourself so that they are excluded from the client’s Portfolio. With this improvement, only running insurance policies will be seen in the portfolio report.

4. Removal of MFU Order Authentication -We have removed our MFU order authentication setting from the Portal settings as MFU has now built it’s own Transaction authentication by email mechanism.

5. Investor Dashboard - We have added a 1 Day Change in % in the investor dashboard. Now the investor can see the changes in both amount and %.

6. Client Creation - We have removed the dropdown from the salutation field and made it an open text field so that while creating a client any salutation like Master,  CA, Dr, etc can be written. Please keep in note that the maximum number of allowed characters is 10 in the title field.

7. NSE All Orders - We have added excel export in this menu and have given all the fields of Orders as given by NSE

8. Rejected UCC Mapping in BSE -  We have given a bulk action where you can create new clients and import the Rejected UCCs

9. Other Assets Transactions Excel Export -  We have added a toggle in Other Assets where you can select between Current value and Transaction. The default toggle selected will be Current value (same view as before). In the transaction toggle, you can excel export all the Other Asset transactions entered in the system.


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