Product Updates dated 05.09.2022

1. Improvements in the BSE Cease SIP module - We have made the following improvements in Cease SIP module.

a) A toggle has been introduced where you can select between the Registration date and start date with from and to date filter. This will help to get the SIP details based on the registration date and start date as per the convenience of the user. The default toggle will be at the Start date.

b) More status options are now available i.e. CXL and AUTOCXL as per the status available in BSE. Active SIPs will default be shown as the default filter selection is ACTIVE.

c) In the View type, we have given an additional option to Excel export apart from the On screen.

d) Additional columns of Relationship manager and Sub-broker are included with column search so that you can mobilize the SIP reports sub-broker/RM wise.

e) Excel export will have the entire hierarchy with their user business codes.

2. Custom SMS configuration - We have provided an option to configure SMS for OTP that is sent during onboarding or 2FA login of admin users. Follow the below path from where you can set your own SMS gateway.

a) Settings >> SMS Configuration for OTP

b) Set up your own SMS gateway option needs to be selected where after selecting the following screen will come

c) The user needs to enter the SMS gateway URL in the field provided where we have also given a sample URL so that you can understand which variables need to be entered as the variables have been numbered.

    All the required fields need to be filled by the user before getting an OTP.

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