Product Updates dated 22.08.2022

1. Business Analytics and Data Management - A common navigation page for both the modules have been created with a brief description of all options.

2. iFast Contract Note - We have added support for importing the iFast Financial Contract note.

3. Column search in SIP mining - In the summary option for SIP mining, column search has been added to all groups by options.

4. Brokerage Income detail - In the excel export, we have added a scheme sub-category column in group by scheme and transaction. Also, the transaction ID column has been added in group by transaction.

5. Create UCC in BSE - We have added email id and mobile declaration fields in the personal info while creating UCC in BSE.

6. SIP presentation under Scheme comparison - A SIP calculator has been added where detail and a summary view of the schemes are added. It works on the past historical NAV of chosen schemes.

7. Addition of new category Global Equity - We are now showing a new category “Global Equity” in PDF reports of portfolio valuation, portfolio summary, model portfolio, and portfolio analysis. Apart from the report mentioned above, we are also showing Global equity in the client’s dashboard as well.

8. Introduction of new field “BSE Portal Login “ under IFA Preferences - We have given an additional input field for the broker to select the level from he wishes to allow the Login to BSE Portal button should be visible. This button will be visible from RM level and above if a broker has multiple levels set.

9. Introduction of Benchmark in Model Portfolio - The benchmark scheme used to generate past performance graph in Model Portfolio can now be changed. Earlier it used to come with only Nifty 50 TRI always.

10. BSE New Folio Purchase - We have given an option for the user to select the transaction mode as Physical or Demat when the UCC is of Demat type while creating a fresh Purchase or SIP through BSE.

11. Transaction Statement - Segregated schemes payout has been written as “Redemption/Oher payout “ in transaction statement PDF to present to the client.

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