Product Updates dated 22.07.2022

1. BSE Cease SIP - View currently running SIPs registered through BSE and Cease any SIP. You can import BSE Star MF SIP master file from BSE portal into Investwell Mint using the below path.

2. Portfolio Valuation - We have improved the CAS filter to work on Transaction source (CAS, RTA mailback, Manual entry) instead of Folio source.

3. NSE Create IIN - We have now added the option to select Email and Mobile declaration while creating IIN. This is required as per the new 2FA rules released by SEBI.

4. Inclusion of Tax Package in Investor portal - Tax package has been added in the investor portal so that client can trigger it to himself. It includes Capital Gain summary PDF, Capital Gain detail excel, Transaction statement PDF and Schedule 112A Excel.

5. NSE, BSE, MFU Onboarding - We have now added support for multiple holders while creating online profiles.

6. Transaction statement PDF download for a Folio

7. Client master - More options of Bank a/c types and Tax statuses have been added

8. SIP Mining detailed excel report - We have added Scheme objective in the category column

9. AUM Reports - We have added Sub group by dropdown in AUM reports

10. Client Bill Template - We can edit details like investor name, invoice no, bill amount and company name in the Client bill template under Email scheduler

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