New Feature - Tax Package report in Email Scheduler

We have released a new option in Email Scheduler menu called "Tax Package". You can use this to send a combined set of reports related to Income Tax filing for your Investor.

Reports included in Tax Package are as follows -

  1. Capital Gain Summary PDF (This includes Valuation as on 31st Mar + Dividend summary + TDS summary+ ELSS Investments + Quarter wise Gain)
  2. Capital Gain Detailed Excel
  3. Transaction Statement PDF
  4. Schedule 112A Excel

All these reports will be mailed as attachment in 1 common email for the convenience of the client. This can be forwarded to their CA as well if required.


Team InvestWell

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 Please add Period end Holding too in this  report

It's already there in Capital Gain Summary PDF as a separate section. 

 Can we also send full Tax report for a single client

Yes, you can use Email scheduler to select only 1 client and send the Tax package using that.

Can we download it for a single client i.e add Tax report in client dashboard where we can download his/her this package in a single click  

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