2022 Jan-Feb Improvements to MINT

New Features

  1. Portfolio Valuation New table format -(Beta Version)
  2. Sub Brokerage Payout PDF downloaded option added after Posting the brokerage for a Sub broker
  3. SIP Mining edit options added for all Start Date, End date, Next debit date and Amount.
  4. Retrigger NSE Confirmation, FATCA Confirmation, Order confirmation mail options added to NSE module.
  5. My SIP format change for mobile app view so that SIPs can be clubbed client wise
  6. Edit Transactions from Data Management >> Create Transaction. Include all types of transactions with ARN filter.
  7. Create Email Campaigns - In Client selection features options have been added to Exclude already invited clients, Already logged in clients, Zero AUM clients. Also to Remove Client name from Subject line which we add by default to increase deliverability of the mails to client inbox.

Improvements to existing features

  1. Aggregated Family AUM in Clients menu AUM column
  2. Transaction Reversals will now capture Pre-rejection transaction in Karvy mailback
  3. Edge360 SOA download error handling for missing Email case
  4. Process Payout for negative brokerage amount as well.
  5. Create Mandate - Show Amount in words below the amount field
  6. Clients menu - Include last login time in Excel export.
  7. Give option to Pay via UPI in Mobile app NSE integration.
  8. BSE Orders - Show SIP order no. in My Orders menu instead of SIP reg. no.
  9. Goal Planner - Take effect of SIP Frequency in SIP Amount of mapped folios. Earlier only Monthly frequency was considered as default for all SIPs.
  10. Ignore TOCOB (Change of Transfer Out) transactions from the Capital Gain report. They were previously treated as Redemptions and shown in the report. Now they have been excluded from the report.
  11. AMC/Client - Bill Register excel export option added
  12. Brokerage Income detail report has been optimized for faster performance to be handle larger data sets.
  13. Update Links in all Email templates if broker chooses to define default of My-Portfolio.co.in instead of investwell.app
  14. ELSS Procurement report - add all retirement funds which are having 80C benefit
  15. Show Sub broker code in Select User common filter
  16. Create IIN, UCC, CAN - Refresh KYC name after PAN is entered to get the updated name of the client from CVL after it has been updated once.
  17. Give RM information in PDF if Sub broker is not assigned to the client and Sub broker is chosen as the default contact to be shown in the report.
  18. Show User Profile photo in Clients menu in Advisor mobile app.

Bug fixes

  1. BSE Mandate End date was being wrongly printed in the PDF.
  2. Print Foreign Address in NRI UCC AOF form.

  3. NSE Cart Review order was not working for SWP orders.

  4. Solve Negative holding days in Portfolio valuation report for Shares & Bonds where last NAV is available on a back date.

  5. NSE Create Physical Mandate - Client name as in Bank records not printed in PDF even though its mentioned on screen.

  6. SIP which has not started is also coming in Missing SIP report. Changes report logic to work on Start Date instead of Registration date.

  7. Scheme Compare - Growth Calculator Name of Client or Model should come on top of PDF

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