October & November 2021 Updates

Dear All,

New Features

  1. NSE UPI Payment mode added for Purchase transaction.
  2. All Scrip/Paper Holdings list in Comprehensive Portfolio report for a client.
  3. Hide AUM metrics on dashboard for all Sub users. New Setting added in Admin Login >> Settings >> IFA Preferences tab.
  4. Insurance company - Premium payment link and segregation b/w Life and Health Insurance company list
  5. Insurance entry - Choose from existing list of policies in your portal or create a new policy. This will prevent duplicate names of policies due to spelling error.
  6. Brokerage payout - Add UTR no. and Payment date when processing payout for Sub Brokers
  7. Brokerage payout - Excel export for Sub broker wise Payout amount summary
  8. NRI, HUF UCC creation in BSE
  9. SIP debit date added for CAMS schemes in SIP mining menu.
  10. Allocation Analysis report - Added group by for Equity cap and Category allocation
  11. New Contract note import - SAMCO Securities and Tradejini
  12. SIP Returns toggle added in Top Schemes under Utilties menu
  13. Client Onboarding Mail template can now be customized from Admin Login >> Email Scheduler >> Templates tab.


  1. NFO list scheme grouping improvements to show only 1 scheme for Growth, Dividend Payout and Reinvest type schemes
  2. Capital Gain realized - ISIN added on screen for quick view.
  3. WhatsApp Robo responder improvements - This service works now for family head and client without family head as well. Message responses have been improved based on feedback received from beta users.
  4. Contract note format changes done for ICICI Securities and Venture Securities note.


Team Investwell

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