PDF Reports Customization


We have added few options to customize the look and feel of all PDF Reports that you generate from InvestWell software.

The relevant options are located under Settings >> Portal Settings >> PDF Reports Configuration.

Here we provide you the option to customize the Background and Text Color of

1) Table Headings

2) Row shadings

On clicking the color buttons, a full color palette will open, that will let you choose from any color available. It is suggested that one chooses a text color that is suitably different from the background color

Along with this, we also give the flexibility to switch between 2 themes:

1) Without border (as default)

2) With border: Newly introduced for the benefit of investors with big reports. The borders enable sufficient delineation between adjacent columns and thereby help avoid confusion.

Lastly you may preview your customizations using the Preview button and then once satisfied save them using the Submit button.

We welcome any and every feedback related to this feature!

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