Transfer Holdings - Exception Redemption option added

We have added a new option in Transfer Holdings menu using which you can place a Redemption order for folio no. that is not part of your ARN data.

This can be found under Invest Online >> Transfer Holdings menu.

You can enter the Folio no. manually, Select the scheme and place a Redemption of All units.


Team InvestWell

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can we place switch order as well through this option. i.e. if our clients 1 folio is under other broker ARN in axis liquid fund regular growth. so, can we switch the same in our ARN with same scheme and regular growth option OR we need to change either option or scheme ? 

Rohit Verma 


Dear Rohit,

You'll have to change the scheme as Target scheme can't be same as Source scheme for a switch.


Anuj Jain

Please add the option of direct schemes as well to the scheme list.

The exchange (NSE, BSE) will reject your order to transact in Direct schemes. As per you API credentials you are only allowed to transact in Regular schemes. So a Switch from Direct to Regular scheme is not allowed by NSE, BSE.

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