December 2020 Updates

Hi All,

We have released some exciting new features and enhancements to Investwell Mint in the month of December 2020.

New Features -

  1. Preview PDF Reports: Without downloading PDF reports on your system, preview them on InvestWell, so that you're able to select exactly the right set of report configurations for your use case.
  2. Multi Exchange: We now offer the facility to integrate all three exchanges simultaneously (NSE, BSE, MFU), thereby removing the earlier-placed constraint of only a single exchange.
  3. Login to BSE from Mint: Now login to BSE Star MF Portal directly from Investwell, without the need for OTP. (for any additional operations apart from the ones handled through Investwell)
  4. Fund Selector: Use this super-utility to do fine-grained research into Mutual Fund schemes based on a multitude of factors like expense ratio range, corpus size, P/E ratios, YTM ranges etc.
  5. Portfolio Performance: This report (builds on top of the Portfolio Review report) by showing simplistically how the portfolio performed in a certain period. It builds on top of the Portfolio Review report by combining Realized and Unrealized gain, and removing extra columns of Dividend Reinvest, Balance Units and Purchase Outstanding from the online view.
  6. Login History: Under the Data Management menu, find the login history details of your investors and operation personnel.
  7. Mobile App Notifications: Connect with your investors over mobile app notifications. Find this on your Web Portal under Settings >> Mobile App Configuration >> Create Notification.

Enhancements -

  1. Goal report PDF: We have added a new section in the Goal PDF Report that makes it easy to visualize returns of the folios assigned to each goal. In addition a ready reckoner for each goal’s status is present at the start of this report
  2. Goal mapping improvement: We have made it easier for you to assign assets to your goals (as a percentage) in 1 click.
  3. Profit & Loss Summary report: A new version of the Profit & Loss report has been created which abstracts the transaction level details to give a summarized view of the folios in which sell/switch-out transactions have been made.
  4. Demo Tutorials have been added to the login invite mailer to apprise new users of the features of the portal.
  5. Investor Dashboard new look: We have added product-wise asset allocation bifurcation to show current values of MF, Share & Bond, Fixed Deposit, Other Assets.
  6. Effect of Stamp Duty has been incorporated into all Portfolio and Taxation reports.
  7. Segregation of schemes has been handled to appropriately allocate  purchase cost to the segregated units, and reduce the same from the original scheme purchase cost. This will help generate correct capital gain reports as and when these schemes are redeemed.   
  8. Benchmark in Scheme compare: Now compare schemes along with its benchmark for trailing returns, rolling returns and growth calculations.
  9. Capital Gain Realized Excel Report: Section on capital gain for Shares and Bonds has been added.
  10. Schedule 112A format revised to latest Income Tax filing format.
  11. Shares Data Input: We have added support for importing Contract Notes from HDFC Securities, Indiabulls and a few more.
  12. Client Billing for Investors: Earlier bills were created for Family Heads and Individuals. Now, for the benefit of our RIA users, the bills can be created for Family members as well.
  13. Video KYC Status report: We now show an informative reason for rejected Video KYC cases.


Team InvestWell

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