Version Update 30th May '18

Dear All,

We have made the following improvements to Investwell -

  1. Top Schemes - We have opened the latest Sub categories under Debt, Hybrid and Gilt Category
  2. AUM Report - The scheme categorization has been updated to reflect correct amount under each category
  3. Portfolio Return report Goal wise (1e) can now be exported to Excel.
  4. Alert - Last 3 days All Transactions have been added.


Team Investwell 

Thanks for update new features day by day in Investwell software 

In Alert - Last 3 days transaction, please provide transaction type whether it sells or switch out.

as of now, STP switch-out transaction considers as redemption.


Jyotiraja Sodha

Dear Sir,

As informed earlier also, the schemes have been wrongly placed under various categories.

Like in large cap, HDFC Housing Opportunities fund which is sectoral fund has been placed here.


Rakesh Sharma


We have changed its category from large to sector fund.


Anuj Jain

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