Version Update 16th Feb '18


We have released some updates for InvestWell Software with some bug fixes and deliver on some suggestions.

Type Client Module Description
Bug Fix Self SMS For All SMS Provider, Text Error(20%Text) solved.
Bug Fix Self Brokerage Feed Import WBR 70/71 Import Error solved.
Suggestion Self Brokerage Feed Import Now we Import WBR 77 Brokerage File.
Bug Fix NDA Sec. AMC Bill Duplicate Check and Credit Note Bill no Issue Solved.
Bug Fix SJ Investment Dividend Report Data do not show when select Group option solved.
Bug Fix Vashistha Capital Auto mail Scheduler Goes to infinity Loop solved.
Bug Fix Self Top Scheme Correct the Top Scheme CSV File column name.
Suggestion Self Data mining Report Provide Dividend/Growth Scheme Filter.
Suggestion Self Brokerage MIS Provide Category Filter to View Brokerage Data.
Suggestion Self Trail Reconciliation Provide to HIDE Nil Reciable and Received Data.
Bug Fix Self CAS File Import Handle Large Pages CAS File import.
Suggestion Sun Invest Share Corporate Action We Provide a facility When Delete Corporate Action
Entry then Undo Transaction also
(Only for Share/Bonds Case).
Suggestion Self Client Portfolio Client Wise/Objective wise, Provide Model Name with
Client Detail.
Suggestion Self MF Tally Provide NAV Excel File between selected period,
action performs as per Grid Double click on Grid
column Day/Month Etc.
Bug Fix Self SIP Import For Franklin Case, Now we Update Data of SIP/STP
basis on Trxn No if we found valid.
Suggestion Madhuvan DailyFeed Import Take ARN No from DBF File and Store in Upload


Team InvestWell

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