Version Update 16th Oct '17


We have released updates for IW Corporate Version with some bug fixes and deliver on some suggestions.

Date Type Client Module Description
10/10/2017 Bug Fix Aditya Sethi Client Portfolio - 1A Report Annualized Return not Same in Single Transaction and for respective sub Total
04/10/2017 Suggestion Self Division By Zero If MF Nav Not Found then we download automaticlly Fill Latest Date Nav from NAv_Tran Table and Fill in NAv Last with Proper Message of Percentage.
11/10/2017 Bug Fix Self XIRR Report(5 Yr) Excel Export Error, Handle 2016 office compatibility issue
11/10/2017 Bug Fix Self Bill Excel Export should be Bill No wise.
11/10/2017 Bug Fix Dalal Brocha Investr Data Mining-Report Tab Investor Data Mining, RM Filter Should work on "Unrealised LT/ST Gain and ELSS Units > 3 Yrs" in Excel File option also
11/10/2017 Bug Fix Jain Wealth Manager Error in DailyFeed Xls File import error of some Driver (1), Remove some update of window then it work, See detail on Freshdesk Link:
12/10/2017 Bug Fix Vijay Bhawri Client Bill Save Remark in Client Bill Grid.
14/10/2017 Bug Fix KFIC Client Portfolio Give Scheme Recommendation In Next Page, Page Break before Start Recommendation.
12/10/2017 Bug Fix Rajesh Jain CAS File Import CAS Import, Handle Junk Data that comes in Scheme and Type mapping.
12/10/2017 Bug Fix Care Wealth Bank Master Bank Master Error, When we enter incorrect MICR/IFSC then gives Error.
13/10/2017 Suggestion Self Client Portfolio - 1A Report Set the Purchase Date after Div Rein Flag, and First column start with Tran Type.
11/10/2017 Suggestion Naik W Client Watch - MIS Menu Add column for PAN in Client watch Grid list/Excel/Report also.


Team InvestWell

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