Version Update 14th Nov '17


We have released updates for InvestWell Software with some bug fixes and deliver on some suggestions.

Date Type Client Module Description
10/11/2017 Bug Fix Self KYC Check option Due Diligence Module required by SEBI
01/11/2017 Bug Fix Madhuvan Earning Rate entry Filter not working in Earning Rate. If objective is chosen and fund is selected, it is not filtering for the selected fund.
31/10/2017 Bug Fix Sapient Excel Export in Brokerage Microsoft excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE option. Bug is now fixed.
09/11/2017 Bug Fix Prime Capital TurnOver Ratio Speed up the calculation
07/11/2017 Bug Fix Self Turnover Ratio TurnOver Ratio, Formula change, take all type in Sum of Purchase / Sell
07/11/2017 Bug Fix Prime Cap Manage Applicant Option to Set KYC, Fatca for multiple clients in one go
10/11/2017 Bug Fix Madhuvan/Amitabh Client Master Import in Setup Menu While Importing Client Master we now check with PAN and Name for duplicates
04/11/2017 Bug Fix PODDAR FINANCIAL STP Running Currently SIP/STP Running Currently, Add Current Value column add in Excel File
14/11/2017 Bug Fix Self Purchase/Sell Check List Show ARN Option Not Working in Purchase/Sell Check List
13/11/2017 Bug Fix Madhuvan Query Builder Query Builder Error, Invalid Array Index , Solved
13/11/2017 Bug Fix Fine Advice Client Query - "A" Button Last Purchase Type show wrong in Client Query "A" button
08/08/2017 Suggestion Rakesh Sharma Printwell Some fixes like Demat Detail not capture
13/11/2017 Suggestion Self Email to Client Provide Sample file option
13/11/2017 Bug Fix Rainbow Bank Master - Sync online Auto fetch error in Fill Bank MICR, Please input IFSC code to fetch Bank Detail


Team InvestWell

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