Version Update 4th Dec '17


We have released some updates for InvestWell Software with some bug fixes and deliver on some suggestions.


  1. All MF Applicants have to link their folios with their Aadhaar numbers Online of Offline, by submitting a form with respective Registrar. Read Article
  2. You can now send multi line SMS above 160 characters also.
  3. Bug Fixes.

Date Type Client Module Description
24/11/2017 Bug Fix Universal AUM Reco Freezed folio data was getting deleted in the Folio wise transaction delete option in AUM Reconciliation module.  Now Fixed.
23/11/2017 Bug Fix R K Investments Top Schemes My Scheme filter has been applied properly now. Closed ended schemes will not appear now until selected.
21/11/2017 Bug Fix Paresh S Kariya Due Diligence - Exit Load Detail Method of identifying of Load bearing redemptions is improved now.
29/11/2017 Bug Fix Self SMS Module Now SMS body support multi-line message. RM Name is also be shown.
28/11/2017 Suggestion Self Upload History in Upload Menu File Type Filter added in Upload History
28/11/2017 Suggestion Totalinsure Aadhaar Letter in Report Menu Provide Link Aadhaar Letter to Mutual Fund for Individual, Non-individual
28/11/2017 Suggestion Self General SMS/Transaction SMS/SIP Mining/Rejection SMS/Client Watch List Give Tick option to check split message when long greater then 160
30/11/2017 Bug Fix Bodevision Client Portfolio - 1-C Report STP summary now Fixed
29/11/2017 Suggestion Vivek Damani  Contract NOTE InvestWell - Equity Module now provides for Importing of PDF format Contract Notes of these types :  Religare, Eureka, Birla, VSE Stock, Iventures, Anugrah

Please send us any other Contract Note (PDF format) that you would like to import.

To Use :
Shares Menu >> Share File Import >> Online Trading File Import
Select Combo = Contract Note(Select file as per File Type)
02/12/2017 Suggestion Chandresh M. Client Portfolio Report Remove Div Reinvestment Flag (which come sometimes in the Mailback files) in Growth Scheme in Detailed Portfolio Return Report

02/12/2017 Suggestion Sarsa Batch mode report Add filter by Sub Broker


Team InvestWell

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