Version Update 31th Oct '17


We have released updates for IW Corporate Version with some bug fixes and deliver on some suggestions.

Date Type Client Module Description
16/10/2017 Suggestion Dhiren Dharamshi Client Goal Setting/Goal Portfolio Add STP Amount in Goal Report setting and Goal Portfolio also.
16/10/2017 Suggestion Self Birthday/Anniversary Image Provide notification in Client Query, Client Portfolio, Portfolio Summary.on occasion of Birthday and Anninversary of client
17/10/2017 Suggestion Angel NEW API SMS Add New API, Provider : Bazaar SMS.
27/11/2017 Suggestion Self Dailyfeed/Tran Edit Now we import Source field in Dailyfeed and show in transaction Edit Grid/Excel also.
27/11/2017 Bug Fix Capital Investment Services Birthday List Birthday List, Null value bug handled in data view.
26/11/2017 Bug Fix Madhuvan Securities Potential SIP/STP/SWP Excel Export now has RM,SB column
25/11/2017 Suggestion Sapient SIP Compare/SIP Modification/SIP Calendar SIP Modification/SIP Compare/SIP Calendar, Make Max size as possile.
12/10/2017 Bug Fix Care Wealth Bank Master Bank Enter Error, When enter incorrect MICR/IFSC then give Error
11/10/2017 Suggestion Naik W Client Watch - MIS Menu We have added column for PAN in Client watch list.
13/10/2017 Suggestion Vijaye Bawri Portfolio Summary Portfolio Summary - give Mark All and Unmark All Option in Advance Filter as like Client Portfolio
24/11/2017 Bug Fix Vineet CAS Import Error in SWO Entry,We fixed this entry, you may just delete old data and import file again.
24/11/2017 Bug Fix Vijay Bawri Purchase Entry- SIP SIP Manual Entry Error, Day name showed incorrectly in grid, now we have fixed it.
13/10/2017 Suggestion Self Printwell Printwell -
1- FATCA Gender also Sync in Printwell
2- Second/Third Applicant DOB auto Select
3- SIP PayMode Amount, Give in Words
4- SIP End Date Should be limit as 2099
5- Actual SIP Start Date and End Date Feilds open
24/07/2017 Suggestion MileStone In Top Schemes (SIP Return)
a. We can hide Direct Schemes
b. We can filter AUM by Scheme


Team InvestWell

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