Version Update 21st September '17

Dear All,

We have released updates for IW Corporate Version with some bug fixes and deliver on some suggestions.

Date Type Client Module Description
21/09/2017 Bug Fix BOFS/Hexagon, Intrust Client Portfolio - Summary with XIRR summary with XIRR report -Realized
 Gain - Div Payout not coming on Non Redemption Transaction Only
16/09/2017 Bug Fix UR Fin Cap Gains Ignore NPS Schemes
16/09/2017 Bug Fix Londhe 7 day auto back Attachment not being backed up
14/09/2017 Suggestion Amit Agrawal SIP Fin 1 report LT/ST unrealized Add column for Indexed Gain / Loss
19/06/2017 Suggestion Vijay Agrawal ARN Master Add field for Authorized Singatory
19/06/2017 Suggestion Sujata Kabraji Make Bill (AMC) Add field for Party Ref No..... User
will enter, we shd print in AMC bill
(even if NULL)
20/09/2017 Bug Fix SLA Investment DailyFeed Karvy Case, Insert record in Rejection table also
20/09/2017 Suggestion Krushna FIN. Client Query Give Filter on File No


Team InvestWell

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